Understanding the different types of commercial dishwashers

Any self-respecting business owner will ensure that glasses and dishes used to serve their customers are squeaky clean. Dirty wares can not only cause embarrassment and potential health problems; with the popularity of online review sites, it can also seriously harm your reputation.

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Local authority health inspectors will often score a negative review for any issues related to the hygiene of the vessels in which you serve your customers, so if you want to ensure a five-star reputation, it is essential to choose the best equipment for your businesses.

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What to “ware”

Many of us have dishwashers at home, but when researching commercial dishwashers, you may come across some new terms, particularly the term “warewasher”. Keep this in mind as you carry out your research to avoid confusion.

Hot and cold

Your choice of dishwashers is going to require some thought when it comes to the required water temperature. You will need to use appropriate cleaning products, and it is important to consider the best options for your business.

High-temperature machines will wash at around 70 degrees Celsius and rinse at around 80 degrees. This process sanitises just from the heat alone. Usually the high heat can mean the wares dry quicker, and these appliances are more environmentally-friendly because they don’t require extra sanitising chemicals. However, this heat also means that these machines need a condensate hood, which can increase footprint and cost. In smaller commercial kitchens or bars, this can be an issue.

Alternatively, low-temperature dishwashers will wash and rinse at around 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. They don’t reach the temperatures required to sanitise, so you will need to factor in the use of chemical agents to add to the wash. However, these options do take up less space.

If you require some help choosing the right equipment for your business, you could speak to reputable commercial dishwasher suppliers such as https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/commercial-warewashers/commercial-dishwashers.

Other options

If your business requires some extra power, consider investing in conveyor or rack dishwashers. Whilst these require more space and power, they will blitz through a larger number of racks. Handling up to 1,000 racks per day, these can really help a larger catering operation. Typically found in hospitals, large canteens or hotels, they are best suited to the high-volume side of catering.


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