Few Tips On Secured Ways Of Using Wi-Fi

Wireless is the new trend. Wireless has helped things so mobile. It has made things become more flexible and convenient. There are many things that went wireless. Like laptops in place of the wired personal computer, mobile phone in place of landline phones, and now Wi-Fi in place of wired internet connection. Wi-Fi has added more convenience and flexibility to live. Where one had to depend on the cyber cafe or personal computers for using the internet a few years back. Wi-Fi has changed the whole picture, now you can use the internet from any place that provides you a Wi-Fi zone. Understanding the importance and demand for Wi-Fi many places like hotels, airports, bookstores, restaurants or coffee shops provide WI-Fi zones. And many offer free Wi-Fi zones in such public places. Many users make the most of such Wi-Fi zones, by using it for social networking sites or sending emails or using search engines. You need not wait to go home to use the internet, you can do it in Wi-Fi –zones.

Tips That Can Help Use Wi-Fi In Secured Ways

Anything that comes for free, we love it, similarly, free Wi-Fi is something we all love to use, and why not when internet charges are high, free Wi-Fi provides us internet for free. But we must understand the potential risks of using free Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi is considered not safe to use, as they are not secured, and since they are not secured they could be an easy target for hackers. Hackers always come up with different ways to hack information from million users who use the internet. When we are using free Wi-Fi our identity, and the information is open and can be easily traced and tracked for the internet. It is like keeping the doors of your home open, which easily allows the thief to access your things.

Hackers very well know that free Wi-Fi zones can help them find target very easily. So they prefer hanging out at such places. And people whose devices, they heck are many times not aware they are getting hacked or have got hacked, which means while using free Wi-Fi service, you are at higher risks of your data and identity being steeled. Apart from that are other threats to your devices, like keyloggers, malware, and even virus. These things can put at higher risks because they not only steal information but also affect your devices. So this makes it very important to be aware of such threats and take required steps to avoid getting victims of such threats.

Not using free Wi-Fi zones at all is something most of the people would suggest. But with a few measures, we can enjoy the privilege of free WI-Fi without risking our devices. It is always advisable to avoid processing any bank or credit card transaction on such free Wi-Fi zones. Not processing such sensitive transactions would mean not taking the risk of getting hacked. Antivirus software always alerts and protects you from any virus threat while using free WI-Fi that is hotspots. Since there is new virus coming up each day, it is always better to use the use the updated versions of anti-virus. These days anti-viruses also provide protection against malware. So using the updated versions of antiviruses can ensure safe browsing in free WI-Fi zones. Another way to save yourself from hacking threats is to use firewalls, you can install a firewall for free by downloading hotspot shield, which provides enables you to safely use free Wi-Fi. No matter what kind of operating system you have, android, ios or Mac, it is compatible with all. For people who travel very frequently, hotspot shield would make you WI-Fi browsing way exiting and convenient.

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