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Tips for quality customer service

We must do so under the premise that customers live good care begins at home, you could rephrase. The quality and level of care provided in the company are directly proportional to the way that its leaders have to address both internal and external customers. The flame of initiative, respect, education, common sense and optimum working environment must be present at all times in the company.

When training our sales force, we must do so under the premise that we live from customers, that without them, money will not be brought into the company and that said, in order to provide good customer service, every SME owner must take into account the following keys …

1) Hire people who have the desire and desire to progress and learn. Take into account and value the attitude. Let them be restless and willing to ask what they do not know. Know how to detect your own initiative in all those tasks developed by employees of the company. That there is a balance between the aptitude and the attitude, since the knowledge can be learned, but the attitude does not, therefore it must be valued and recognized.

2) Have collaborators who put on the company’s shirt and feel part of it. Here the motivation must always be present, which will emerge from the level of empathy that the team leader has. The leader of the company sets the example and, when his acts, ways of speaking and his expression like, then the collaborators, feel at ease, respect and want to work with that person and in turn want to stay to work in the company.

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3) That there is active listening on the part of the leader of the work team. Always walk, observe and be attentive to what the collaborators need or want to express. We all like to be heard because it makes us feel that we care for both the other party and the company. This increases self-esteem and improves the work environment in the company.

4) Let sellers have knowledge about what is being offered. Know what is sold. Know the characteristics of products or services marketed, out of respect for customers and because customers are informed about those products or services they will buy.

5) And that they know the customers in depth. Who and how they are, their buying history, their behavior and attitudes with what they bought, their needs, interests and tastes.

6) Apply selling techniques. Possess knowledge to capture, serve and retain customers. Take into account respect, eye contact, persuasion, close the sale and follow up.

7) Provide vendors with training in negotiation skills to always reach the best possible deal with customers. This applies, for example, to delivery times and bonuses.

Do you consider these points to make up your sales team?

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