Six ways to boost employee engagement

Six ways to boost employee engagement

Modern offices have undergone a culture change with Generation Z. Employees today expect to be lured by more than just a desk and chair. Employers are therefore implementing initiatives designed to attract workers with an eye on the environment. Sustainable office spaces improve the way employees work, and productivity is linked to higher earnings, so everyone wins.

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Here are some of the tactics that are being employed to encourage employee engagement.

Balance privacy and openness

Open-plan office spaces often lack privacy and encourage distractions. While openness fosters a collaborative environment for teamwork, employees also need quiet spaces. Ensure that you have appropriate zones.

Privacy panels

Acoustic privacy panels can be installed between desks to mitigate the bustle and visual distraction of an open-plan office, thereby boosting productivity. Spaces created by the screens may become personalised for a sense of belonging.

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Choose from office fit out companies including Mobius at work.

Forbes looks at ways to improve engagement.

Sustainable tactics

Fluorescent lights can be uncomfortably intense. Replace them with energy-efficient LED panels that mimic daylight. Alternatively, you could put desk-mounted LED lamps and floor lamps in place. This will create a sympathetic ambience for light bulb moments.

Greenery can improve the air quality, in addition to providing a pleasant aesthetic. A creativity boost is a recognised advantage.

When employees are suffering with back or neck pain due to uncomfortable office furniture, they aren’t functioning at their best. Ergonomic pieces that maximise comfort will keep the ideas coming.

Keep the temperature in the office at 20 to 23 degrees. This will prevent employees from nodding off or feeling uncomfortably chilled, and it will get their brains whirring.

Stay flexible

You need to adapt quickly to change. When you are looking for a new office, be prepared for anything. Organisational changes are a challenge, especially if you haven’t anticipated all eventualities.

Commercial leases are anything from five to 15 years—a demanding commitment for small businesses without a clear growth projection. Look into shorter-term lease choices to adapt more readily to fluctuating employee head counts.

Invest in quality furniture

Treat your employees to the height of comfort if you want them to produce their best work. Tables, chairs and desks can move with you and are tax deductible under “Fixture & Fittings”.

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