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Shop marketing: 5 ideas to copy from international hotels to increase sales

Why limit yourself to observing only our neighbors when we have a world available? 5 tips to copy from the best international hotels, to increase sales.

In a society where business competition plays a primary role, how can we increase sales in our shop? To answer this question we consider 5 tactics put into practice by international hotels: real strategies that can easily adapt to most commercial activities and increase sales!

increase sales

#1. Satisfy the consumer’s desire by guaranteeing an innovative shopping experience

Since we are explaining how to take good marketing ideas for a store from the tourism sector, we cannot neglect the ability of reality like Airbnb to satisfy consumers desires, guaranteeing them innovative purchasing experiences: the company in question, in fact, it has long been realized that the travelers of the new millennium in search of hotels are no longer enough the classic services based on finding a place to sleep.

These are expected from the structure where they will reside additional proposals such as yoga classes, treasure hunts or other similar solutions. Naturally those who offer alternatives of this kind to increase sales, must do everything possible to attract the public using marketing, but this principle is suitable for hotels as well as many other businesses.

#2. Pay particular attention to the most loyal customers

One in which the best hotels are particularly good, is to pay special attention to the most loyal customers. Of course all customers are important and must be treated with care, but the usual ones that ensure constant sources of income deserve more attention.

Premises that have certain realities like Hilton, Hyatt and Marriot, which are committed every day to be more in touch with the loyal people, taking advantage of mobile technology and always providing new features to their applications. From those apps, those who book can do things like select rooms, check in online or ask questions without having to bother to call the reception.

In a store, the care of the most loyal customers could go through dedicated offers or exclusive access to the new collection or seasonal sales.

increase sales

#3. Push employees to share business activities in social networks

Today, more than ever, the marketing of a store must absolutely pass also through the Social Networks: very powerful channels exploited to the maximum, especially by some international hotels, which push employees to share in the activities pages of the structure. When customers have free access to the backstage of a company, this is considered by the same with less detachment.

#4. Do not just create the usual content

When it comes to marketing for the store you should not think that the contents of a simple business blog or others like that are enough: these are good for a lot of reasons (website positioning, customer loyalty, etc.), but you can offer consumers a lot more.

The Four Season, for example, provides customers with a homonymous “Four Season Magazine” magazine, in which he continues the tradition of luxury that has always been offered. This channel allows the hotel to highlight the brand’s activities through the use of alternative content that is highly appreciated by guests.

#5. Send personalized messages to customers

Sending personalized messages to customers is rather simple for a hotel, because when booking rooms, people reveal to their managers a large number of private information. These data are collected from the best facilities, not only for legal obligations, but also to establish a more effective and direct communication with guests.

This is the case of the Ritz-Carlton, who one day, for example, sent a rag doll to a family who had forgotten it in the room during the lodging, including in the package also some pictures with the toy adventures around the hotel.

Now that we have explained how to increase the sales of a store by replicating some strategies proposed by the best hotels, you just have to try to apply them!

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