Quick Tips on Marketing in Social Media

Quick Tips on Marketing in Social Media

The marketing social media give you the option to customize and humanize your brand. It is necessary for any business that wants to increase its visibility and improve its online reputation, as well as generate more sales or get more visits to your website.

Another of the main reasons why today all companies are carrying out this type of practice in their daily marketing routine is because we can always know what is being said about us, who shares our messages, to whom it arrives at them and what opinion the users have about our products or services. This is extremely valuable to know what we are doing well and what are the weak points that we must improve, to increase our client base.

Some of the fundamental practices that we must carry out to enhance our marketing plan in social media are the following:

Draw lots

social media

We will obtain a greater diffusion of our brand through word of mouth of the users, very useful to boost our business virally.

We will create bi-directional relationships not only from company to use but also vice versa. Where we will strengthen the trust of our users and the relationships with them. It is a very effective way to increase our database and get new potential customers.


We can foster collaboration links between people who have a high visibility and our brand, that help us generate conversation about our products and services.

Having influencers in our marketing plan in social networks does not necessarily mean a high investment for us. With this, our brand will surely gain in reputation and prestige.

Use of video

It is proven that visual content is the one that generates the most impact among consumers. It generates entertainment, emotion, and confidence. Users tend to remember 5 times more an image than a text. So this type of content is essential if we want to impact much more Internet users. You may also learn why should videos be part of your strategy?

Link to your social networks from your website

Marketing in Social media

This is a fundamental step if we want to increase traffic on our social media. This will help us to improve the visibility of them and improve our business results. This link will also serve to attract traffic to our website or blog from the networks themselves, thus enhancing our products and services.

Take advantage of the power of stories

Video posts, especially live, have become one of the favorite posts of Instagram and Facebook Storie’s users. We can reproduce the content of this type in a fast way to keep “hooked” our users with entertaining and interesting content, maintain a thread of exclusivity and announce new products, courses, services, etc. That is, communicate all kinds of news to keep our users expectant.

If you do not know how to implement all this in your marketing campaigns and you are thinking about starting to launch campaigns on the Internet, at Adtuo we are specialists in creating social media advertising in an economical and profitable way.

Set up Facebook Messenger on your Facebook page

Facebook messenger currently has 800 million active users. 90% of users who access Facebook do so through their mobile device. So to be able to manage all messages and communications with users easily and quickly, having this Facebook tool configured, it is vital if we want to have an optimal conversation and successful response times, with each of our users in this network.

social media

To finish, we can say that implementing a strategy in social media is not an easy task. Nor is it keeping our audience “hooked”. We must be aware that social media are a living “entity”, which need to constantly be energized with fresh content and information.

Apart from social media, there are also other effective channels to get customers quickly. Do not miss this post about how to get clients, if you need to promote your business/company through another rising channel: WhatsApp Business.

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