POS Devices

POS Devices: The different payment solutions to improve your business

The POS payment is the practical, safe and fast payment solution ideal for any business: every dealer has the possibility to select the POS devices best suited to his business among the different types of terminals.

The POS device (Point Of Sale) is an electronic payment solution able to offer each customer the opportunity to purchase a product or service using electronic money systems such as ATMs, credit cards, prepaid cards and digital payments: the choice of own POS devices is for a commercial operator an essential activity to optimize its business.

The POS is an information system that is part of the banking services for anyone who owns a business: this terminal is a real smart device able to connect with the bank providing the service to authorize payment in safe way and transfer payments received electronically to the merchant’s current account.

The POS represents a particularly important advantage for commercial activities of any kind as it does not only allow the customer’s shopping experience to be optimized in terms of practicality and speed, but allows the trader to accept payments from both fixed and mobile terminals.

POS devices: Which terminal to choose for your business?

The choice of the POS devices for your business is an indispensable activity for any dealer: in fact, there are different types of terminals, each one equipped with particular technologies and functionality.

A careful and planned choice of POS payment terminal can be an essential tool to improve customer experience and to manage electronic payment systems in an optimal way: to identify the perfect POS devices for your business you need to know in detail which are all the market proposals.

POS Devices

Let’s find out what the 5 different types of POS devices are …

1# Fixed POS

The fixed POS, also called Stand Alone, is undoubtedly the most common and used: the fixed terminal is the most traditional payment system, connected to the service center by a fixed telephone line. This “counter” POS devices is widely used by shops and businesses that have only one payment point and do not require special mobility. Traditional POSs to work properly only need a working fixed line, but often they are not very practical due to the cable connection that does not allow the mobility

2# Cordless POS

The Cordless POS, also known as Pocket POS, is a wireless device with an action mechanism of around 10 meters. This POS devices is the ideal solution for operators who need a not particularly wide range of mobility: the Pocket POS is equipped with a non-mobile base connected with a cable to a fixed telephone line and a mobile body working via Bluetooth or with a connection Wireless. The Cordless POS is particularly used by hotels, bars and restaurants to allow the customer to make the payment not necessarily at the checkout.


The GSM / GPRS terminal allows you to receive payments via the POS device even if there is no telephone line, is the ideal solution for moving business: using a SIM card provided, the POS is able to automatically connect to the network with better signal for guarantee a quick and secure payment. This device is equipped with a long-life battery designed to operate during a full day in motion. The GSM / GPRS POS cannot be used in the absence of a line: the operating mechanism is, in fact, the same that allows smartphones to work.

4# Mobile POS

Mobile POS or mPOS are small and practical devices that can receive electronic payments in any place or time: through a free application downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, in fact, you can connect the device with a mobile device of any kind. The operation of an mPOS is simple: at the time of the transaction the card data is analyzed by the device that, through the appropriate application and the network connection, will function as a real POS. The Mobile POS has a compact size that makes the device particularly practical and manageable; this terminal also allows the customer to greatly optimize the purchase experience by receiving a text message or an e-mail confirming payment confirmation on their personal device.

5# Virtual POS

The virtual POS is undoubtedly one of the payment alternatives most in line with the e-commerce growth trends of recent years: the data emerging from the recent Nielsen market research show, in fact, the incessant increase in online purchasing consumer products with a percentage of 95% of web consumers who made at least one online purchase in 2018. In a commercial landscape now completely online, the virtual POS is the solution designed specifically for merchants with an e-commerce activity: the virtual POS is a secure and modern payment platform able to integrate perfectly with any online sales site. This POS devices allows you to receive transactions on the web in a simple and fast: the customer can use any method of digital payment directly on the online pages automatically receiving the receipt of successful transaction.

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