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How to motivate a sales team

As the owner, manager or manager of a company, you have probably wondered how to motivate a sales team. The motivation of employees is always a complicated issue, especially if it is a very competitive position as is the sales. Do you feel identified?

Here we share 5 methods to motivate your sales team

1. Commission oriented to objectivessales team

Few things motivate more to do a good job like the possibility of obtaining a good salary bonus. If you set goals that your sales team must meet in a certain period -which entail this reward- you will surely see how their performance improves.

Of course, these goals should be realistic, otherwise, you could get a result contrary to the expected: employees are demotivated if it is practically impossible to achieve them. It is important that the definition of these goals, in addition to being realistic, are aligned with the objectives of the company, to ensure that everyone is rowing for the same side.

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2. Training for those who require it

If you do not know how to motivate a sales team that is not responding as expected, nothing better than offering them training to improve their skills. Not only will they feel more committed to your company, they will be willing to put the new techniques to the test. Likewise, if you help lagging members to reach the level of those who do achieve the agreed goals, their motivation to work will grow considerably.

3. Opportunities for professional growthsales team

Even the most successful salespeople come to ask what is next for them in the hierarchy of your company. If they verify that they are valuable elements, they will expect more than a bonus in exchange. For example, a promotion to an area supervisor or a desk position with greater responsibilities. Do not close that door.

If an administrative or related post opens, turn to see your sales team and consider someone there to occupy it. Knowing that there is something beyond the sales team will motivate your salespeople to give their best in each work day.

4. Make your meetings pleasant

When you announce a meeting, it’s likely that your sales team yawns. They know they will be evaluated and that the meeting is probably a waste of time, time that they could be using to try to reach the monthly goal. This does not have to be this way: there are ways to make your meetings more enjoyable, to the degree that -when they end- your salespeople are more motivated and not the other way around.

5. Daily stimulisales team

All the things we’ve mentioned so far are good for motivating a sales team. But it’s not all you can do. One way to ensure that sellers will be motivated at all times is-daily-to approach them and highlight their virtues, successes, and evolution. If you do this in the morning before they are immersed in their work. You will leave a good feeling to continue the rest of the day.

Remember that sellers are, first and foremost, people. Treat them as such, give them the opportunities they deserve and they will respond back. Being a good boss is the key!

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