Marble Is the Latest Trend in Bespoke Interior Design

Marble Is the Latest Trend in Bespoke Interior Design

For those working in interior design, marble has become one of the hottest trends, and this popularity is expected to continue as the material adds a touch of luxury, personality and drama to a space. One reason that marble has become such a hit with interior professionals is that it can be used in a wide variety of ways.

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Marble was seen as an interior trend to watch out for, and it continues to make an impact in the industry. In the past, when marble was used it was generally combined with more rustic materials, such as wood. However, the contemporary look of marble usually sees it used amongst more minimalist interiors to create a stunning classical and luxury finish.  This is a consideration to take into account when looking for your new home through a Estate Agents Gloucester company on links such as
The renewed use of marble isn’t just reserved for the paler version, and there has also been an increase in interest around coloured marble. These designs were first seen during the 1950s, but they have been revived as interior designers begin to explore how they are using the materials, including items created by bespoke furniture makers.


One of the key reasons marble furniture, that is available is so popular is because it has maintained its status as a sign of luxury over the years. For example, you could achieve a dramatic feature by using large pieces of bespoke furniture in a room, or just bring in small touches by combining the marble with other materials.

Inspired Designs

The marble effect is not just reserved for furniture, and there are plenty of marble-inspired designs across home accessories and soft furnishings that you can bring into a room. For instance, marble-inspired wallpaper can make a fantastic feature wall, or for a subtler appearance you could add in a few marble-look cushions or accessories, such as clocks, vases and coasters.

The marble trend can be brought into your interior design in a number of different ways, giving you the ability to make your own mark on a room and inject some personality into it. Bespoke interior design enables you to create something different to everyone else, and marble is a fantastic material for achieving this.

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