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How to make a Meeting Minute?

Discover how to make a meeting minute clearly and effectively. We propose a structure of meeting minutes easy and adaptable to your needs.

Drafting a meeting minute is very important in the administrative framework of any organization and it is very important to do it correctly and efficiently. A  meeting certificate is a document that is used to record what was spoken, agreed or decided in a meeting, whether it is a formal or informal meeting, it is very useful and totally necessary. The meeting minutes allow us to attest to the agreement, affirming the authenticity of an event or what was said by the attendees.

It is often considered that it is not necessary because of the informality of the meeting, but it is necessary to think of a record as a way of recording information. We can refer to the document to remember proposals, ideas, agreements and numerous events that happen throughout our daily meetings that are likely to be forgotten.

The development of a structure allows the writer to take notes during the meeting, pointing out the most relevant. It is clear that during the meeting there will be no time to write everything in a literal way, so in the minutes of the meeting, you have to reflect ideas, agreements, and most relevant points, which will serve as a reminder and record.

For all that, the objective of this article is to offer a practical guide that explains what it is, when it is used and how to make a meeting minutes clearly, quickly and efficiently.

What structure to follow to make a meeting minute record?

There are several ways to structure a meeting record, according to a type of organization, theme, among others. Therefore, we will define the main points of how to make a meeting act generic and easily adaptable to specific needs. It must mainly contain:

Contextualization: it is the first thing that should appear in a meeting record and specify things like the session number, the date and time of the meeting, place, assistants or speaking time.

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Approval of the previous act:  before beginning the meeting, it is necessary to review the previous act. And confirm that it is approved by the assistants (whenever there is a previous act). If it is not approved, the corresponding amendments will have to be registered until all the assistants agree. And it would be recorded in the minutes of the next meeting.meeting minute

Agenda:  in this section, the points by which the meeting is proposed, well ordered and listed are exposed. Generally whenever a meeting is agreed it is for one or several reasons that we must list and that previously agreed by the assistants.

Development of the session:  after listing the points of the day. We proceed to develop them individually, informing, explaining or debating what is necessary for their resolution and agreement.

Manifestation of agreements:  the description of the agreements reached during the meeting should be summarized. And annotated by the person writing to ensure an object reference of the decisions of the attendees. This point is essential when we reach agreements on responsibilities, functions and delivery dates.meeting minute

Date of the next meeting:  it is not essential, but it is common when there are meetings, department or management, periodic.

The structure would be as follows:

  1. Entity name
  2. Session number
  3. Date
  4. Hour
  5. Place
  6. Assistance
  7. People who attend: name, surname, and position
  8. People who do not attend: name, surname, and position
  9. Approval of the previous act
  10. Order of the day
  11. Development of the session
  12. Agreements or decision making
  13. Minutes
  14. End of session: “Without further issues to discuss, the president adjourned the meeting at X hours”
  15. Charge and sign those who have chaired the session
  16. Annexes (optional)

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