Law firms should try these SEO tactics

There are an array of search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies and techniques that can enhance the digital presence of your law firm and here are three of the most important.

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Keyword research

Your priority should be to identify relevant keywords that have the ability to generate a steady level of traffic and aren’t so competitive that you will struggle to gain any real traction. There are a variety of tools you can use to help you here, including Google’s own Keyword Planner.

It would be exceptionally difficult to try to rank for a term like ‘lawyer’ so rather than sinking a large percentage of your SEO budget into pursuing a strategy like this, focus on ranking for more specific search terms that refer directly to the types of services you provide.


Your keyword strategy needs to be supported by the creation of regular content that your audience will find valuable and informative. Professional SEO services in London will be able to assist you with content optimisation, which will help you to leverage the maximum value from your content and keyword strategies. At the very least your website should house a comprehensive ‘about us’ page, a fully optimised page for every service you provide, and visible contact information to allow your visitors to connect with you.

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Google rewards sites that frequently upload fresh, high-quality content because it understands that its users want easy access to the most relevant information. Developing a blog content strategy will help you to target keywords that are researched-based and provide you with frequent opportunities to issue calls-to-action prompting readers to contact you for further information on the services you provide.

Link building

Google rewards sites that have built healthy link profiles because they are generally a good sign of a trustworthy and valued website. There are a variety of ways to increase inbound links, including guest posting and leveraging the power of email marketing and social media. Working with an experienced SEO team will also enhance your link profile, so for professional SEO services in London contact Elevate UK.

Content creation, link building and keyword research are the foundational elements of every successful SEO strategy. Although it will take time, you will start to see the results of your efforts positively impacting a range of metrics that will help your law firm to flourish.

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