Instagram company profile: How to open it and why it pays off?

Instagram company profile: How to open it and why it pays off?

The community of Instagram company profile is constantly growing and highlighting it is the Instagram team itself: in 2018 it has about 15 million users and about 80% of Instagrammers know and follow brands thanks to this Social Network.

Instagram from 2016 has made it possible for all users to switch from a private profile to a company or “business” profile, effectively creating innovative possibilities for connection and communication between the company and the customer. The Instagram company profile is a fundamental resource for those who own a brand or a business: just think that, according to a recent statistics from SimilarWeb, the Instagram app is used on average 53 minutes a day.

Considering the high visibility of the Social Network, it is clear that a company determined to improve its online reputation, to identify new potential customers and to increase its sales activity, cannot do without an Instagram company profile.

How to open an Instagram company profile?

If you have an activity and want to make your products or services visible using an Instagram company profile, these are the steps you need to follow to activate your business account …

1) Log in to your personal Instagram account and select the Settings box;

2) On the Settings page select the “Switch to a company profile” option;

3) Instagram will ask you to connect the Facebook business page to the Instagram company profile and choose a category for your business;

4) Following the synchronization of the two pages it is necessary to set up the contacts: email address, phone number and address of your business;

5) Now the Instagram company profile is active! From this moment you can start exploring all the new features: you can promote your posts directly with Facebook campaigns with the “Promote” option and examine the data of the published content using the “View Insights data” option;

6) After a week from the activation of the company profile Instagram you will be able to view graphs and tables regarding the activity of your followers and all their “reactions” to posts already shared.

Instagram company profile: The features more than a personal profile

Switching to an Instagram company account provides the user with many useful functions to analyze the behavior of followers and therefore improve the user flow of the profile itself.

Instagram Insights

This tool allows the user to analyze the personal characteristics of his followers such as sex, age and geolocation, also allows him to record the hours of activity by improving his own production and sharing of content;

Instagram Ads

Functionality that authorizes the activation of advertising to better advertise its brand, making it decidedly more competitive within the reference market;

Call-to-action buttons

The Instagram company profile allows followers to contact the company directly by sending a direct message or email via the “Message” button;

Sponsorship of posts

With a business profile it will be possible to sponsor every shared post directly from the Instagram application: this feature will allow the company profile to gain greater visibility and to share its contents with all the people nearby;

Possibility to add links to Instagram Stories

An Instagram company profile with at least 10,000 followers makes it possible for the company to sponsor its products through links applicable to Instagram Stories and direct to e-commerce.

The Instagram company profile or “business account” therefore has substantial differences with respect to a normal personal profile …

  • Using a company profile you can have access to features like Instagram Insights, contact information and Instagram Ads;
  • An Instagram business profile allows the company to write a biography of any type of length, unlike what happens when using a personal profile that defines the number of characters;
  • With a company profile it is possible to view the hours of greatest activity of the followers;
  • There are graphic changes that allow followers not only to have access to the official company page quickly, but also to access the business contacts with a simple click.

5 reasons to switch to an Instagram company profile

1) By switching to a company profile Instagram you can create an immediate contact with users using the Call-To-Action buttons: you will have the opportunity to communicate directly with your followers and then know their needs and desires in order to design more personalized offers;

2) Thanks to the features of Instagram Insights, made available only by a business account, you will be able to know the characteristics of your users and create targeted advertising posts based on the statistical data collected. You can also evaluate Impressions, which is the number of times the content has been transmitted on the various devices;

3) By examining the Insights graphs you can monitor visits to the profile, differentiating the viewing time: in this way you will be able to know the time slots of the users’ greatest online activity;

4) With a business profile you can start advertising with Instagram Ads: in this way users will be able to repeatedly see your ads with images and calls to action;

5) By switching to a company account you can start selling online with Instagram Shopping: this feature allows retailers to add product tags to posts shared on Instagram and then redirect users to e-commerce to buy the product displayed.

Do you want to grow your business and improve your business results?

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