How to start an ice cream parlor business?

How to start an ice cream parlor business?

How to set up an ice cream parlor? The sale of ice cream is without a doubt a very profitable business. You can obtain gains that range between 30 and 100%. The first thing you need is to clarify and write your business plan . After, Here in this article, you can find the aspects that you must take into account when setting up your ice cream parlor.

Ice Cream and Heat: A profitable combination

If your city is hot for most of the year, then it qualifies as an ideal place to set up an ice cream parlor. The clothes stick to the skin, the beads of sweat slide down your body and all you want is an ice cream melting in your mouth. The months of the year where it is most hot will be the months when you sell the most ice creams, so it is important that you be aware of if your city usually has good temperatures.

Find a place for your Ice Cream Parlorice cream parlor

An ice cream parlor should be located in a fairly busy place; like most businesses. The important thing here is that the place is traveled by young people, children, and family groups. It can be on a street in your city or consider renting a space in a shopping center.

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The best time to sell ice cream:

The best thing about this business is that you do not demand full time. People usually go to eat ice cream after four in the afternoon. You can devote to other matters such as your studies or part-time work in the morning. In the afternoon after three in the afternoon, you can open your ice cream shop. In the night hours, people usually go out to buy and eat ice cream, a good plan as a dessert after decades or as a flirting plan with the couple.

Contact an ice cream franchise

By contacting an ice cream franchise you will have done much of the process of assembling an ice cream parlor. Franchises usually take care of almost everything; that’s why I strongly advise you to set up your own ice cream production and invest money in ice cream machines, take the phone and look for the ice cream franchises in your country. Let’s see what an ice cream franchise can do for you:ice cream parlor

Of course, the first thing they will offer you is ice cream

It will be that they will be your wholesale suppliers of all ice cream presentations: cones, creams, popsicles, packaged ice cream and all the products you want to sell in your ice cream parlor. All of them with precise with good profit margins.

The borrowed refrigerator

Do you know what price an ice cream cooler has? Well, I will not go into details but they are expensive. If you decide to buy them you will spend a lot of money on that investment. With the Ice Cream franchise, you will not have to pay that money because they usually lend it, the only conditions are of course that you manage the exclusivity of the products of that franchise and that you manage a minimum of purchases, which usually is easily surmountable.

Training on ice cream sales

These franchises are logically interested in your business is a success, if you win they win. The image of the quality of their products and their brand is also at stake, therefore they will offer you free training on the handling of ice creams, how to conserve them and serve them; up to how customer service should be. They will finish guiding you in the process of setting up an ice cream parlor and how to make it a profitable business.

Decorate your ice cream parlor

There is nothing sadder than seeing an ice cream parlor with dark colors that do not arouse the desire to enter. The Franchise will help you in everything related to decoration: Paint you’re local not in a single tone but they insist on drawing a pleasant landscape. They are also responsible for supplying you with the posters that space needs. In some cases, they lend you tables and chairs.

Important remarks about the ice cream parlor

The investment when setting up an ice cream parlor is low if you get the support of a franchise. The capital you need is necessary to cover the rent of the premises, the wholesale purchase of ice cream, a few tables, a few chairs and minor items such as napkins, cups and disposable spoons.

Be careful with the energy receipt. The old refrigerators usually consume a lot of energy. Advise yourself with the franchise that consumes so much energy in the refrigerator for ice cream. How many hours can you disconnect from the outlet without risk of ice cream thawing?ice cream parlor

As a strategy to capture your best customers, read: children and if the space you have allows you to consider implementing a playground for children. Something like a colorful tunnel with a small house full of colored balls.

Do not rule out the venture to sell homemade ice cream. Today there is a good percentage of people who are looking for the natural, for this reason, it may be a good idea to go to offer homemade ice cream, without preservatives and with less fat.

I hope that with this article you have realized that riding an ice cream parlor is easier than it seemed. So to start! Discover that The Big Business is to be an entrepreneur.

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