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How to write a corporate blog? The essential tips for effective blogging communication

Companies that choose a corporate blog as the main tool for interaction with the customer optimize their corporate image by receiving 97% more external links: how to write a blog and what content to share with their audience are the activities to be planned and elaborated with more attention to achieve significant results.

The research carried out by the Search Engine and HubSpot software platforms effectively highlights the growing importance of the company blog in marketing and business communication strategies: the corporate blog, thanks to the sharing of authoritative and customer-loyal content, is one of the most suitable for optimizing the company’s web reputation. Knowing how to write a blog with successful content is therefore essential to optimize your business.

In order to develop an interactive, informative and quality communication with its customers, it is essential to open a business blog in which to share their business experiences through the publication of interesting posts and articles. Authoritative content and qualified blog-posts are, in fact, the indispensable tools of winning Content Marketing : “Content is king” is the strategic mantra of twenty-first century web marketing and the company blog is undoubtedly the best platform to put it into practice effectively.

Sharing quality content with the corporate target audience is not a simple task: to create authoritative blog-posts, it is necessary to plan in detail a targeted communication strategy, to plan a precise editorial calendar and specifically to create and produce consistent content from the structural and stylistic view.

How to write a corporate blog: 10 tips to achieve significant goals

“How to write a successful corporate blog?” Is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions among companies that want to implement their communication strategies through a corporate blog?

corporate blog

Here are some simple tips that will allow you to get considerable results with your business blogging …

1) Choose captivating and intuitive titles

A successful blog cannot ignore the titles of their blog-posts: the title is one of the most influential parts of the article, it is what allows users to access the contents of the business blog, is the key tool to attract attention of your target audience. A winning title is short, intuitive and catchy: successful blog-posts are characterized by SEO friendly titles, easily indexed and perfect to channel attention online.

2) Enrich blog-posts with relevant images

The visual-copy binomial has always been the foundation of any effective communication: the articles of a successful corporate blog must contain images that can enrich the text message. The multimedia files and the text must not overlap, but must complete: the text must not describe in words what is already evident with the image and the images should not show what is told in the text. To optimize the images of a blog it is possible to process titles to be inserted in the multimedia files in order to obtain a positive positioning within the search engines.

3) Insert external and internal links

The inclusion of links within the posts of your business blog is an activity not to be underestimated: external links are essential tools to optimize your web reputation, internal links are instead able to enhance the content of your web page in a simple and natural way. When selecting an external link, it is essential to ensure that the destination site is authoritative and actually credible: a link to a qualified web page is, in fact, able to give a significant added value to its article. On the contrary, the selection of internal links regards similar blog-posts coming exclusively from the company’s website:

4) Write clearly and directly

After intriguing users with a catchy title, you need to continue to provide interesting and intuitive content to keep them “glued” to the screen: it is essential to write in a simple and clear, keeping in mind the objective of the article. To get good visibility in the search engine ranking it is recommended to repeat the selected keyword several times in the copy of the post, this activity will allow the article to positively position itself and obtain fair visibility online. How to write a winning blog? Pointed lists, division into paragraphs and clearly legible characters are the tools of success!

5) Create a relationship of trust with the reader

When developing content intended for publication within a corporate blog, it is necessary to consider the reader’s point of view, analyze its behavior and build a relationship of mutual esteem with it. In order to retain its users it is essential to use a simple and direct language, avoiding being in a position superior to the reader, but trying to establish a relationship of mutual trust and confidence. Direct interaction on an equal footing with readers is the winning tool to optimize one’s online reputation and to promote a sincere and natural image of one’s business.

6) Interview some experts in your business sector

Interviewing experts in your own sector is certainly an effective and smart method to create qualified and valuable content. The interviews can be done in person or through a convenient Skype call and then be revisited and processed in the form of texts for blog-post: an effective interview is reported informally and funny, often ironic, to give veracity and customization to shared content. The interviews can constitute important and authoritative external links: the interviewed people, in fact, often report on their web pages interviews and statements, quoting the sources and making them more visible.

7) Write blog-posts related to user requests

How to write a successful blog? An essential activity to create winning online content is undoubtedly the monitoring of the needs of its target audience: monitoring the requests of its potential customers and knowing their personal interests is an analysis necessary to produce interesting and quality content. It is possible to know the needs of its users through periodic analysis of the debates within the social sharing platforms and with regular interviews with their customer service, in other words by constantly analyzing the direct communication channels that the user has available to express their opinions and their requests.

8) Create noise: Express an opinion or an idea against the current

Creating blog posts on conflicting opinions in the field of mainstream issues can turn out to be a remarkably effective strategy: to share an idea totally in contrast with common beliefs or an out-of-the-body opinion is a strategic choice that allows one to talk about oneself at all internal debates. Creating noise around a popular question then allows you to generate comments from other sources that take the same position as your blog or diametrically different positions.

9) Share guides, manuals, tips and e-books

Successful corporate blogs often share posts and articles aimed at solving a problem: articles such as “10 ways to …” or “How to …” are particularly popular with the common user, easily indexed and highly researched within the engines online. People love to share on post-guidance Social Networks or practical advice to achieve a specific goal: producing blog-posts of this type allows the company to promote its services and increase its visibility online.

10) Create blog-posts about the news in your sector

Taking a position regarding an industry news is essential to underline the authoritativeness and the preparation of the company in the eyes of customers: by sharing in a short time personal opinions and reviews on current topics within its economic sector, it will be possible to obtain links, links and quotes from web pages that will identify in the blog a reliable and constantly updated source.

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