How to plan and prioritize marketing

How to plan and prioritize marketing

Working and achieving goals is always difficult, tiring and expensive. Both in terms of time and money to invest.

However, working without precise programming is the most tiring and unnerving thing that can happen: working with maximum effort to achieve the minimum result.

There are some tools, simple to use, like a spreadsheet that help a lot in the work.

But even to manage a marketing plan you can build simple and effective tools to work well.

Prioritize goals

It is very nice to say whenever you see something new “I would like to have it”, or “I think it is an interesting thing”. The really important issue is to prioritize activities that are directly related to business objectives. You have to bring out the priorities.

Choose what to do in order of priority

You can also say that you want to increase traffic to convert more customers, but if the content you convert is missing, you need to start with this and not the traffic.

Estimate the time required

Estimate exactly how long it takes to get the quickest and easiest things to do off the list.

Estimate the necessary effort

Things are easy to set up, the problem is to follow them. In ten minutes you open a Twitter account, but continued care needs time to devote if you want to do well. Here you have to be very realistic about the time and the maintenance of the activities you have started.

Who is responsible?

It is good to assign a manager for each activity, also to always know “who is doing what”

Alone or with help?

Always consider everything to know if you do it at home or if you outsource. Fundamental things like strategy must definitely be decided at home, but there are a lot of activities that should be given outside. On this topic we often come up against companies that believe that everything should be done at home. They do not calculate the costs / opportunities well and it is not always a farsighted choice.

Establish a cost

I believe it is appropriate to establish a cost for everything we do, whether it is homemade or given to the outside. Outside the cost corresponds to the payment of the service. But even for jobs done inside there are costs to consider. The analogy is whether you work in owned premises: it would always be good to consider the cost of the rent, to give value to any economic activity.

Give the right priorities

You need to prioritize things to do. Ideally you can deal with 3 to 5 things at a time, but then it almost never happens to make it. A visual reminder helps to keep priorities in order and you can add new tasks without overloading your team with expectations and work.

Finally, don’t forget to archive your file online: on Dropbox, SkyDrive or GDrive, make sure that it is accessible and shared by all your team and that the document does not remain a static statement.

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