How to master the office dress code

How to master the office dress code

Office attire is also known as business formal or boardroom attire. It represents the highest level of professionalism in your clothing. The office dress code may feel limiting, with not many options for men to choose from. But all you need to do to master the office dress code is nail the basics.

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Focus on the material

The first thing you should focus on with your office wear is the material your pieces are made from. Suits are often part of the office dress code, and it’s important to choose one that is made from the right fabric. A suit that doesn’t crease helps it last the morning commute and the day’s work as well.

Look at the tailoring

The next thing to master in your office wear is the tailoring. Having a suit that has been constructed with expert hands can give you a more modern feel. The most stylish and fashionable office suit you can have at the moment is a single-breasted jacket with button-up cuffs and a vented back for that extra bit of comfort.

Think about your colour choices

Office wear staples are normally black, grey and navy. This can get boring and dull when you wear the same colours every day. To add a bit of colour to your wardrobe, why not try something different with your Farah shirts? Dabble with different colours in the colour wheel and understand what tones go together well. Farah shirts are available at and can really help you to spruce up your office wear.


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Professional clothing options

Not everyone has to wear a business formal suit to work. If your office dress code is for professional clothing, you can still be traditional whilst playing it a bit more fancy with patterns and colours.

Why not try combining comfort with style in the case of professional clothing? Ditch the tie for a nice cashmere jumper or pullover under your normal suit jacket. Having the perfect balance of comfort and style helps you to dress down or dress up depending on what you have booked in your work diary.

If you find yourself stuck on what to wear, try to add to your accessories instead. An on-trend briefcase or satchel can help you stand out from the crowd of boring suits.

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