How to better manage your screen time

How to better manage your screen time

The effects of too much screen time have been regularly hitting the headlines; however, rather than worry about how much is too much, managing your screen time to suit you could be the best approach.

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The problem many people have with stopping screen time is that it is a great way of keeping themselves occupied; however, if it is stopping you from going outdoors, exercising or being with other people, perhaps it is time to consider setting yourself some screen time rules.


One way is to reward yourself with a treat or an outing to somewhere fun if you manage to stick to your self-imposed screen time. You could also consider only allowing yourself screen time once all your other chores are done. One way to do this is to create a checklist of jobs that need doing and prioritising them, which will ensure you stay on top of any work and tasks that need to be done.


Don’t fall into the trap of ‘catching up’ before bedtime. Staring at a screen late at night can prevent you from getting a proper night’s sleep and make it difficult to actually fall asleep.

There is increasing concern amongst experts that children and young people are using their smartphones too much and in a way that is having a negative impact on their mental health.

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Take a break

If you are someone who needs to be on their screen for long periods of time for your job, remember to take regular breaks and get up and walk around. Having systems on your computer that save you time – perhaps a PDF to Excel converter such as – can help you to manage your time more efficiently.


Think of other things you could be doing instead of browsing your phone or computer screen. Ask yourself when you last read a book, watched a movie or went for a walk and then plan some time to do these things. Recognise how good you feel afterwards, as this may encourage you to do it more regularly.


Scheduling time to go on your screen can be a great way of monitoring your screen time. Set an alarm to remind you to log off after a set time period and make sure you stick to it.

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