5 home based business ideas for mothers who stay at home

5 home based business ideas for mothers who stay at home

Here is my article I want to dedicate this 5 home based business ideas for those mothers who want to engage in some business activities. If you are a mother and you have made it a priority to spend time with your children, it is likely that you have decided to take your professional life in a more relaxed way, above all the flexibility of schedules. It is even possible that you are considering leaving your current job parked to find an occupation to measure the time you have.

If you have decided that you want to be an accessible mother but you do not want to give up having a successful professional life, take note of these 11 business ideas for mothers who stay at home. It may be that among them is your true vocation.

In below I present you the 5 best home based business ideas for a woman:

home based business ideas

Freelance Copywriter:

This profession is one of the most versatile and adaptable to almost any circumstance. And it is a type of business for which you do not need any previous investment: only your talent to write and time for it

A freelance copywriter is a person who is dedicated to writing the content of all kinds and all subjects for magazines, newspapers, blogs, online stores etc. If you have writing skills, you have multiple records (in the sense that writing for the Internet is not the same as writing for print), and you have 2 or 3 topics that you master, you can get down to business.

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It is best to start writing about topics that you control so that you can demonstrate how well you write to your potential customers. And from there, he begins to play topics you do not know to expand your repertoire.

This is a type of work that you can do for example only in the morning, or adapt it to the schedule you prefer if you are a night owl.

home based business ideas

Business Gift Baskets

A type of business that will allow you a lot of flexibility of schedules and not excessive dedication is a business of gift baskets. You can offer your customers baskets of all kinds, with which you can focus on what you know best. This could be your best home based business ideas with little money.

It defines 3 or 4 target audiences and thinks a repertoire of baskets with different contents and price ranges. Also think about the conditions: if they are baskets that you will already have prepared in advance or if you can make baskets to measure.

And the last thing you will need to do is create a website or an online store where you can sell your gift baskets. You know that with an online shop that is more than easy, and besides it will cost you practically nothing.

home based business ideas

Gardening / Florist Business

In this category can enter very different professions, all linked to the fact of growing something (in a small space) and selling it, or working with plants and flowers for decorative purposes. Some possible home based business ideas of gardening are:

  • Herbal online, where we sell herbs for remedies and spices
  • Organic fruit and vegetables planted in your urban garden
  • Creator of decorative flower bouquets
  • Creation of decorative crowns
  • Planner of interior decoration with plants
  • Online courses on plant and flower cultivation
  • Face-to- face or online courses on creative florist

Come on, there are lots of options to go to gardening or the florist from home. And you decide how much time you spend on your business.

home based business ideas

Domestic Financial Planners

If you have always been the numbers, balance sheets, and budgets, staying home to be closer to yours does not have to imply giving up. You can start a home based business ideas such as financial planning. It is an advisory service with which you help other families to better plan expenses and contribute to greater savings.

In your services you could include a medium-long-term financial planning according to the family’s goals and plans, ideas to improve savings, proposals for grants and subsidies that can be used and income needs according to your spending plan. It is a great way to help families like yours to organize themselves economically and live more peacefully in this regard.

home based business ideas


Perhaps one of the professions that we are seeing more lately among the mothers who stay at home is that of the blogger and there is hardly anything easier than opening a blog and start writing.


Your blog can handle many different topics, depending on your areas of interest, your previous experience or where you want to lead your professional life. Many recent moms become bloggers for parenting, parenting, and education, but that does not have to be your case.

You can create blogs to start your home based business ideas of what you like the most:

  • Crafts and DIY
  • Photography
  • Financial Advising
  • Decor
  • Kitchen
  • Business and Business
  • fashion
  • Sewing
  • Etc.

Those are the 5 best business home based business ideas for mothers who want to make some extra money on their own. I recommended is that you learn a little design and layout to make small changes to your blog by yourself. And also you know how to write for the Internet and to become more efficient make quality photos for yourself.

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