Here are The Most Dangerous and Strangest Jobs of All Time

Here are The Most Dangerous and Strangest Jobs of All Time

There are many different jobs for people in this world; These could be practical jobs, office jobs, retail jobs, and many more. There is also a fair share of dangerous and strange jobs too, and usually take a lot of skill and training; these jobs are not for the standard 9 – 5 employees either, they are for those who prefer to be more active and on the go. Check out the most dangerous and strangest jobs of all time.

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Being a scaffolder is not your standard job; it takes a lot of skill and training to learn this trade – one wrong move could be fatal. According to this, scaffolding related injuries were up by more than a quarter this year. Scaffolding is a structure that is constructed temporarily to build a landmark or house etc; scaffolders have to go up great heights to construct these scaffolding structures, and then build the house or landmark around it. Safety is taken very seriously in this trade; plenty of safety equipment will be used, and safety precautions and training will be given. 

Specialist Cleaning 

Certain companies require specialist cleaning for their building; these could be high access cleaning, window cleaning, or even ceiling cleaning whilst on a cherry picker. Proper health and safety precautions have to be carried out to complete this job, as well as the correct safety equipment; Commercial cleaning Gloucester based companies such as Commercial cleaning from Intocleaning will carry out all types of specialist cleaning services for their clients, so if you need any difficult areas to be cleaned, you may want to leave it to the professionals.

Deep-Sea – Fishermen 

Doing this job comes with a very great risk of equipment malfunction, and drowning; this is a very rare occurrence as all equipment will be properly tested – nonetheless, there is still very much a risk that comes with the job. It is certainly not for the average person that works a normal 9 – 5 office job.

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 Sky Divers 

SkyDiving involves jumping out of a plane at great heights, and then opening up your parachute once you reach the correct height. There is very little chance of injuries with this job, as all parachutes are tested beforehand, and include a backup parachute in case the first parachute doesn’t open up; there have been rare occasions where both parachutes do not open up properly though. Many people do skydiving as a job; skydiving instructors are strapped onto someone’s back to keep them safe.

Underwater Welders 

This job combines underwater working and electricity – not a good mixture. These workers are called to fix boats, dams, and even pipelines; there are many risks to this job, the main one being drowning due to being trapped by the high pressure flows underwater. Explosions and electrocution are also big risks in this field of work.

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