Forex Trading Signals

Forex Trading Signals

Long before the dismissal from the armed forces, I wondered what I would do next, what I would do, how to make a crust of bread with caviar …

Go to work for some uncle horror as not wanted. Even now, there is no desire.

The brain was smoking. A pile of thoughts and lots of ideas. One track, others quite crazy. One flows into the other. But I had to choose one, which would end up my happy future.

The basic idea is centered around forex trading, investment, and all that is connected with it.

But I knew that all of this will not be my main source of income, and then I came up with another crazy idea …

And that if you give people the opportunity to earn money in Forex with me. Not free of course. Selling signals to buy or sell a currency, you can start to get a steady income.

This thought I was very overwhelmed and I went to work.

By studying this market, I came to the conclusion that most of these projects are moving “Untitled” by traders, which mostly tear money from customers. Or traders who revealed his true identity and are an honest business. But such projects quickly choked and disappeared. This is due to the fact it is very difficult for one person at the same time engage in analysis, trading, advertising, and many others, because of the Internet business.

Testing their signals newsletter sending them to myself I developed discipline. But any really serious business requires expansion, improve service quality. Therefore, even on a test run, I realized that there is safety in numbers and I need a serious team.

At the moment I treat my next crazy idea.

I decided to give the signal generation and analysis for professionals …

‘m Talking with several well-known dealerships and brokers. Planned to acquire intelligence, and signals from them and sell to their customers.

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