How to create an ecological brick business? In this article we will explain how to make the bricks, the machinery you need for manufacturing and we will guide you through the most important points of this undertaking. So get to work.

Why build a green brick business?

  • There are three fundamental reasons:
  • Friendly to the environment.
  • It is not a fad. It is a business that has a present and future.
  • It’s profitable. The profitability is close to 100%.

ecologicalFor the manufacture of an ecological brick, you just need to press a mixture of earth and cement. Conventional brick requires burning of firewood, leading to the feeling of trees and the emission of polluting gases.

We say that it is a business that has a future, given the advantages it has in terms of caring for the environment and low production costs, builders and citizens are opting for this option.

An ecological brick can be sold for twice what it costs to produce it. Additionally, it must be said that its production cost is up to 60% cheaper than a conventional brick. The above makes the final customer pay less and you as the owner of the company, have a profitability close to 100%.

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In this section, we will explain the steps to make ecological bricks. By reading carefully you will understand the manufacturing process and you will get an idea of the final product you will sell.

Step 1: Crush the earth: The earth will be your main raw material, but before processing it must be crushed to obtain fine and homogeneous granules. For this, a crushing machine is usually used.

Step2: Strain the earth: With a sieve, also known as a colander, you will proceed to rid the earth of unwanted objects such as stones, large pieces of wood or glass. With step one and two we have the land at its ideal point.

Step 3: Mix: With the help of a mixer the earth and the cement are mixed (excuse the redundancy). The ratio should be approximated as follows: for every 10 units of land add one of cement and a little water.

Step 4. Mold and Press: The previous mixture passes immediately to the molds and to the manual or hydraulic press.


From the previous steps it can be concluded that the necessary machines for the manufacture of an ecological brick are:

  • Earth breaker
  • Sieve (strainer) of earth
  • Cement and earth mixer
  • Manual or hydraulic press.

ecologicalIt may be that the press has incorporated the molds. The previous machines you can send them to make in your country. Another option that seems more complicated, but can be more economical is Imporrtalas de china. Countries like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are ahead of the green bricks business and it is sure that they sell and export this machinery.


The product you get is a brick with the following dimensions: 25cm x 12cm x 8cm. They are approximate dimensions because there is still no international standard for the size of the brick.

A product with a harmonious texture and great finish is achieved. The final customer does not have the need to repel or paint the walls built with this product.


This brick has two holes with tabs, these holes are achieved in step four when the mixture is passed through the molds. What are they for?

It allows them to fit over each other at the time of construction, providing greater robustness to the home. Additionally, this fit decreases the use of cement when they are sticking and so holes can be inserted into the electrical installations of the house

Wait! There is still more:

At the time of mixing, you can add pigmentation to make the brick have the color you want. A touch of fine coquetry that adds value.


You can sell organic bricks to three types of customers:

Ordinary people: They are people who want to build their home and are looking to lower costs in terms of materials. Applies both for those who want housing in the city, as for those who are thinking of building in the field.

Big builders: If you manage to associate with a builder or become your main brick supplier, you can say that your business is a success and truthfully gains quickly.

The government: The government is a very interesting client because the contracts that are achieved with them tend to be large. The idea is that you provide solutions to their social interest housing policies.

For the three types of previous clients, you need something: Persuasion. At first, it is difficult for them to come looking for you. You must visit them and convince them of the advantages of the ecological brick that we have explained throughout this article.

I recommend you advertise your business and the virtues of your product through a web page. Also, help with marketing on social networks.

Make networking with people and entities that are committed to the environment, they will be your evangelizers, that is, the people who will speak well of your business and will bring you, clients.


According to pioneering entrepreneurs in the organic brick business, you need between 10 thousand and 30 thousand dollars to start. Of course, you must convert dollars to your local currency.

This capital needed to start the business is indicative and can go down or up depending on the amount of bricks you need to make per day.

The great part of the money will be spent on the purchase of the machines, in the first salaries of the workers and on the leasing of the physical space.


One factor that can vary the initial capital is whether or not you have the physical space to set up the company.

You need at least 100 square meters for the production plant.

About 50 additional square meters that will be used as a warehouse.

Minimum about 20 square meters for office tasks such as administration and customer service.

It would be great if you already had a lot of your own. You would save a good amount of money month after month.

We have reached the end of the article, I wish you success with this endeavor. Any doubt or opinion leave it in the comments.

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