E-commerce startups and the Most common mistakes

E-commerce startups and the Most common mistakes

Many businesses, both online and offline, fail to live up to their potential.

Official statistics show that a high number of businesses close down within one year. There are many reasons for this, including some common errors that business owners make with their e-commerce websites.

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One common mistakes is adding a review facility to every product page too quickly. If very few people have had a chance to buy your product, you won’t be able to get a decent number of positive reviews, and zero reviews tend to make prospective customers more hesitant than no review facility at all. Take time to gather some good feedback before adding the review section to your products.

The same principle applies to Facebook and Twitter ‒ if you have just set up a business, it will take a while to get a good number of followers to encourage potential purchasers. For this reason it is best not to display your social media pages prominently on your website when they still have very few fans.

Another mistake new website owners can make is to neglect their ‘About Us’ page. Studies show that this is one of the most visited pages on any e-commerce site and it is important that customers are told the story behind your business, such as what inspired you to start it and where your products are sourced. You don’t need to devote a whole page to this, with just a few short paragraphs usually enough to get your message across.

It is worth investing in professional help with your website content from a web design agency, ideally one that is fairly local to you so you can meet the designers face to face.


One key area that many new business owners are not confident about is search engine optimisation (SEO).  An SEO Gloucester company such as digitel will be able to give you expert advice on what you need to know.   This can be a bit of a minefield and some people treat it as an afterthought rather than making it a priority. Used correctly SEO can be one of the most effective tools for bringing customers to your site.

This is another area that a reputable web design agency can advise you on, thereby helping you to ensure that your online business is a success.

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