Creative Design Ideas for Trade Show Banners

Printed banners for trade shows make one of the most effective ways of advertising your stand or product at any trade show, or any other location where a portable banner solution would be useful – such as in-store promotions and product demonstrations. They come in a range of sizes and all are large enough to fit a good amount of information and certainly large enough to easily grab the attention of anyone passing by – as long as it contains an eye-catching design.

Depending on where you plan on using your portable banner your design and what elements it contains will vary. If your banner is being used to promote a special offer within your store, then it’s going to contain information about that offer and maybe some products that can be purchased taking advantage of that offer. But if you were using your portable banner to promote your stand at a trade show then you would want your banner to be designed more to engage with passers-by and get them to want to find out more.

To give you an idea of the various different methods which you can put portable banners to, and to give you some great examples of incredibly well-designed banners, I have scoured the internet and found 15 awesome examples and listed them for your inspiration below! As you scroll through these examples try to note down what it is about each design that first draws your attention, and what it is about each design that makes you want to keep reading or find out more – if you can incorporate these elements into your own design work then you should have a very effective banner for your trade show.

Hopefully, those designs have given you plenty of inspiration to take away and incorporate into your own designs. Don’t forget, the printing process is just as important as the design process, so make sure you pick a high-quality printer to handle the task of printing your banners for you – otherwise, you could find yourself disappointed with the end result. I always recommend NextDayFlyers for printing, and they have some great offers available at the moment on portable banners, so get over to their website to find out what they can do for you.

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