How to create a physiotherapy clinic in 16 steps

How to create a physiotherapy clinic in 16 steps

Starting a physiotherapy clinic business is not always easy, but when you have the will to do it you have to use all our efforts to make it happen.

Several years passed until I stopped making mistakes and understood how it was possible to create a business without limitations and without having to spend money on value.

Follow these steps, pay attention to the signs that will appear along the way and be persistent in everything you imagine and would like to work. Dreams are achieved with action.

16 steps to create a physiotherapy clinic

1. Do a market studyphysiotherapy

Before starting any project it is necessary to make a realistic market study in which you define to the maximum what the competition is and how the business works.

It is important that you analyze the existing physiotherapy clinics. It does not matter if they are near you or in another location, what you must learn is the way of functioning.

As you well know, the health market is growing. More than 78% of the population is actively concerned about their well-being.

How many of your friends do you know who are worried about taking care of themselves much more than before? As you can see, it is not something that is only yours.

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2. Study all the necessary paperwork

To start a business of this dimension you have to take into account many procedures that have to be in order before you set out to do your business legally.

You have to take into account insurance, professional licenses, the name you would like to register for your business and the guidelines requested by your municipality.

Ask in your municipality what types of papers are necessary to open a physiotherapy clinic. They are different in each city.

For example, in my locality, they asked me: activity license, plans of the premises, opening permit, sanitary authorizations and operating license.

3. Create a business plan

You have to be very clear about what you want to show your audience and what will be the point that will differentiate you from the rest of the competition.

Creating a business plan is very necessary to understand who you are, the viability of your idea, and the strategies you will use to turn a dream into a profitable reality.

In the business plan, you have to write your projection of expenses and profits. It is very important that you also talk about the type of clients and what they are looking for.

What you can do are ten basic questions to your ideal client and define everything you can need in your physiotherapy clinic: graphics, logos, and advertising.

Some questions: for what capacity will the clinic be designed? How many days a week will you work? With what professionals do you want to work? How much will your services cost?

4. Make your spending planphysiotherapy

In your spending plan, you must include all the expenses and investments that you will have to make to get your project started successfully.

You can use a sheet in which you specify all the money you need to invest, everything you will earn and what the direct benefits will be.

Also, define what capital you need at the beginning so that your expenses will not be too much. It is important that you have everything well planned from the start of your venture.

Your spending plan has to go at least from the first $ 100 that you are going to invest, to the maximum that can reach up to $ 10,000. Everything depends on you and your finances.

5. Join a physiotherapy community

If you join a community of professionals working in the same field as you, it will be much easier to know all the details you need to know to start.

There are associations, help for entrepreneurs, specialized insurers … find each of them and become a member. Go to meetings and meetings, expand your network of contacts.

If you are looking for a specific community, you can find this web page where dozens of physiotherapists solve their doubts daily.

6. Services rendered

Define each and every one of the services you want to offer in your physiotherapy clinic. It is essential that you put on paper each one separately to know what you will need for it.

If, for example, you talk about a therapeutic massage room, you will need a stretcher, specialized personnel in those diseases, professional creams … you have to take everything into account.

The services you provide must be collected in a place that is public access. This way your clients will know what kind of treatments they can have in your physiotherapy clinic.

7. Take care of legal issues

You have to take into account that legal issues will be necessary to start, continue and maintain your physiotherapy clinic.

Contact local entities, find out everything related and even hire a lawyer to advise you on these issues.

For me it is essential to have a consultant to help me with legality, there are too many aspects to take into account and it is not worth it to waste your time learning.

From the contract of your workers to the concession of the premises. Describe everything you want to do and make it happen. It is possible and very satisfying!

8. Decide if you want to have partnersphysiotherapy

It is very different if you decide to work in an associated or independent way. Each one has some advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account.

If you decide to associate you must bear in mind that all your decisions must be consulted and agreed upon by all the parties involved.

On the other hand, if you decide to do everything on your own, you will have to take care of all the options and make sure you do not make mistakes. Everything will be your responsibility.

I had two partners in my first physiotherapy clinic and I managed to advance much more than if I did it alone.

9. Find the best location

You have to do an in-depth analysis of where you can find the best location for your business. Keep points of easy access and competition in mind.

Make a statistical study of the target audience, the atmosphere you need and the tranquility offered by your workspace.

You also have to analyze if it is more appropriate to rent or buy. This is a decision that you must think carefully because it will be final.

In my clinic, I chose the main street. People would see my business better and thus get what I wanted, be successful in my endeavor.

10. Request the necessary permits

Once you have all the previous work secured, it is time to contact the legal and municipal entities to know what documents or permits you have to request.

Each location is different, but in most of them, you will need to give a work, opening, and sanitation license (to register your center in the official registry).

The most advisable thing is that you contact the relevant authorities to know what are the necessary procedures to start a business in your area.

11. Evaluate a reform projectphysiotherapy

The building in which you are going to establish your physiotherapy clinic may not be architecturally suitable for use. In that case, you have to consider making a small reform.

The light, the silence and the good organization of the uses have to be thinking in accordance with the building. You can achieve great results with small actions.

You have to take care of the treatment room, for me, it was the most important. I got many clients simply because they felt comfortable in that place.

12. Buy the equipment you need

You have to prepare all the spaces of your physiotherapy clinic. From the office, the reception, the bathrooms, the massage room …

To have an idea, you may have to buy: stretchers, chairs, balls, wheelchairs, rehabilitation games, pillows or medical devices.

Include all this in your budget and try to find offers to make everything more affordable and affordable.

13. Design a data management program

If from the beginning of your business you work in the data management program you will save a lot of time and money. Future implementations never go well.

This type of programs must be computerized and available to all the managers of the company. Do not complicate it and be as transparent as possible.

14. Find your staffphysiotherapy

You can not take a business of this magnitude independently, you will need to hire staff for the reception, the management of appointments or treatments.

With two people it is possible to start generating profits and from there to grow to something much more stable.

First focus on a few people but professionals to help you in your endeavor. It is not easy to find workers to help and support you.

15. Promote your business

The promotion can be physical or virtual. Analyze the types of advertising you have and choose which one best fits your budget and audience.

Advertise in the places where your customers usually attend: clinics, recreational centers, schools, swimming pools, doctors … any place dedicated to the care of the body and mind.

16. Be persistentphysiotherapy

You must know that the beginnings are difficult and although it seems that you will not succeed, you must not despair. If you follow the steps above, over time, it will work out.

It usually takes around 8 – 10 months to see financial results and customer growth. Persevere and you will get it.

With these 16 steps to set up a physiotherapy clinic, you will have everything you need to start your business and start earning money.

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