Clinical trial processes and registration

There are a number of factors to consider when joining a clinical trial. First of all, you need to think about what kind of clinical trial you want to participate in. There are many thousands of clinical trials being conducted, so look at the options via a suitable medical database.

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Meeting the criteria

Not everyone is eligible to take part in every clinical trial. Researchers need to be able to compare their data effectively, so sometimes a trial will focus on people who are at a particular stage in life, or who are suffering from a specific condition.

When doing your research on trials available, take note of the subjects the clinical trial requires, and whether you may be a match. Then, discuss this with your doctor. Usually, if the trial appears suitable for you, your doctor will make a referral and contact a doctor in the team conducting the trial, to see if you can take part. Approaching the trial team directly is not recommended, as most trials prefer to recruit through medical personnel to evaluate the candidate effectively. Some trials also have geographic specifications, and are limited to people in a certain area.

Clinical trials have different purposes, and can collect information about a wide range of medical issues, from how genetics affect developing cancer to screening for possible diseases. Other trials examine new treatments or are part of the extensive testing a drug must go through before it can be put on the market, such as the FDA 510k clearance process.

If you are on of the thousands of people that are successful for a clinical trial you will then be called into meet with the team alongside many volunteers.  They will probably get you to all wait in an assigned reception area and fill out several forms with all your details on and a signed declaration taking you are taking on this trial at your own risk. Get comfy as you don’t know how long you will be there for and sit on one of their Reception Chairs probably sourced from businesses like Best Buy Office Chairs.

More volunteers

Taking part in a clinical trial has become more popular. One report from the BBC states that participation has trebled in recent years. Many people take part in trials because they believe the research will help save lives.

Many also believe that volunteers taking part in clinical trials are a vital part of developing new treatments. If developing a new drug treatment, it is wise to consult experts, to assist with what can be a lengthy process.

To find out more about clinical trials on offer, contact national organisations for health such as the Heart Foundation or Cancer Research and they should be able to give you some information. The NHS can also advise on this, and you can ask your own physician.

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