Business with a future: The 4 ideas that are changing the world

Business with a future: The 4 ideas that are changing the world

The world is in constant evolution, and these business with a future are an example that the arrival of new technologies will change different industries in a radical way.

For example, thanks to the momentum that free software and the mobility revolution are experiencing. It seems that the new organizations are going to put aside the typical “physical bases” or “headquarters”. And will be able to serve their customers from anywhere. of the world through an Internet connection.

The fact that is not so crazy, as an example is the German banking company ING that in its beginnings never offered a physical office to its customers. And this is an example of the typical business with a future: a company without physical headquarters.

Business with a future to undertake:

Now, if in your case you are looking for business ideas to undertake, whether it is making money online or a physical business, it is important that you know those industries that are experiencing significant growth and that, without a doubt, represent business with a future.

You may not be an expert in these businesses, so take the time to invest, learn, study, understand how they work and define how you can participate in them.

These business with a future that you will see represent reliable, profitable and very interesting entrepreneurship alternatives, to identify which one you like the best and start working immediately on them.

1. Technologies related to mobile payment:

More and more companies are beginning to specialize in producing technologies designed to pay with mobile. And they do not go badly directed since it seems that “the money is going to disappear”. And that the payment with the mobile every time is going to be more in height.

business with a futureAccording to some studies within two or three years the credit cards that we know today, and with which we pay, will begin to disappear and the stores will need a renewal.

So if you are interested in the banking sector, work in it, or dominate it, mobile payments represent business with a future and a lot of growth. Continue reading: 8 Powerful social networks platforms for marketing your business

2. Applications for health:

There is no doubt that everything related to the ” healthy ” is in trend. We want to take care of ourselves, we want to take care of our body. Every time we want to be healthier and this way of life is reflected in business.

It seems that the development of apps that allow regulating health will be one of the trends on the rise in the coming years.

To give you an idea, they can be from smart apps inserted in textiles that warn you of the calories you’re losing, to apps that tell you what to eat to regulate your diet according to your eating routine.

3. Platforms announcements of exchanges or exchanges:

We could define this trend as “going back to medieval times”. But it really is something that will develop in the 16th century.

Thanks to the internet, and the many online jobs that exist, barter has come strongly to society and every time will go to more both in services, as in products.

Some big companies already do it: you can take an old television and they give you a new one. But it will go further, what some will call “collaborative” will come: to exchange goals saving costs.

If you can differentiate yourself in this industry, with an offer of creating value and that helps people save money. You can position yourself in this business that moves billions of dollars.

For this reason, any type of platform that supports those people who exchange their services. Their clothes or their objects can be a success for the future.

4. The beacons

Every time this word starts to sound more, especially in the world of marketing. It is a marketing based on proximity and the experience of the consumer.

They are mechanisms that detect the presence of a consumer at a point of sale, monitor it, which provides a better experience for him and greater loyalty.

business with a futureBeing experts in this can be a plus, soon many companies will seek these services. For example, in Europe, the use of beacons is already widespread.

To begin, you can consider a Digital Marketing course that brings you closer to the new reality of the consumer in front of brands, which will allow you to establish strategies and activities that will not only position you with your clients but will also differentiate you from the competition.

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