The best apps to manage your small smart business

The best apps to manage your small smart business

This is the perfect time to assemble your box. Technology continues to introduce new tools and features that simplify almost every aspect of smart business management. Twenty years ago, business owners had to outsource and spend a lot of money to do certain things. Now, they can do many things themselves, such as creating a professional website (regardless of their computer level), taking reservations and accepting payments, managing complex budgets and more.

The mobiles allow us to move to the next level since now all this can be done at any time and from any place. It’s pretty amazing, but (there is always a but!), With so many options, how to choose? What are the right tools? That’s where we come in. Here is a list of ingenious applications created to help business leaders and managers to carry out their business.

Discover our special selection apps for small smart business:

1. Square

small smart business

The first mobile wallet app that revolutionizes the way SMBs deal with credit card payments and the one that customers end up buying. Using its interface and a simple card reader, Square offers the ideal payment solution for both business owners and their buyers. If you sell various items in a physical shop – products, coffee, concert tickets – you will love Square.You  must be use this apps for grow your small profitable business.

2. Google Analytics

Measure the performance of your site directly from your mobile device. With the Google Analytics platform, you can analyze user data and behavior as they browse your site (and even before!). Examining the sources of traffic and the quality of the visits allows you to target the positive and negative points of your site. You can use this information to optimize content and marketing strategy, attract customers, and expand your reach.

3. Slack

Keep your team united through the Slack Collaboration and Project Management app. It simplifies communication among group members, allows everyone to track progress, simplifies brainstorming and group thinking. Slack easily synchronizes multiple devices with a complete desktop interface for more efficient tools.

4. Xero

Accounting is one of the most complex (and least interesting) tasks in running a smart business. But the applications for SMEs are changing the game and Xero is one of the leaders in this field. Xero allows users to centralize their accounts, easily create expense reports, and handle billing while on the go.

5. Dropbox

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Want to quickly access documents, images and other media? The Dropbox mobile app puts your entire cloud storage in your pocket. Its interface is welcoming and easy to use. And it’s not a simple storage tool. Your entire team can access files, add comments, edits, and collaborate dynamically.

6. Freelancer

Many small smart business owners use freelancers for specific projects. Some are also freelance themselves! They base their business on the services they offer to others. Whether you belong to the first or second group, the Freelancer app will help you grow your business: recruit professionals, create new “Gigs” and collaborate with others easily and efficiently.

7. Buffer

Social marketing is now an integral part of the small smart business strategy. But it can be difficult to manage especially when you do several things at once. That’s all Buffer’s interest. This app groups your social channels and allows you to automate your posts on each one. You can schedule your posts in advance, classify them and analyze their performance.

8. Trello

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This collaboration and project management platform boosts your productivity. Trello organizes your missions in the form of tables, to visualize who does what, when and what to improve. Its strength is to simplify the planning and execution of projects, allowing everyone to follow and participate.

9. Automatic call recorder

You did not expect to find a call recording tool in the list of best apps for SMEs. But it can be very effective for business leaders. Use the ACR to view specific calls, share calls with others, check phone orders or appointment dates, monitor the quality of customer service and, if necessary, legally protect your business and your employees.

10. HelloSign

Contracts, orders, invoices – many documents require the signature of the company manager. The HelloSign app simplifies this process, allowing you to affix your e-letter without being physically present. You do not even need a pen!

11. Snapseed

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If you use your mobile device to take photos for social networks or your business site, you must test Snapseed. This app is a touch-up tool that will help you beautify your mobile images. Save time by editing or adding filters directly from your mobile phone and uploading your photos to your favorite platform.

12. Monday

Communicate easily and effectively with colleagues and associates with the Monday app. This platform allows you to share ideas with your team, develop strategies and finalize projects. It offers good plans for SMEs, including all the mobile application.

13. Expensify

Do you have trouble keeping track of your business costs? You are not the only one. But there is hope! Whether you’re on the road or in the office, Expensify will help you save your expenses by integrating real-time receipt entry, credit card notes, mileage tracking and more. This application simplifies accounting, supports you during the busy tax season and also helps you save money!

14. Doodle

Scheduling meetings, group calls, and events can be annoying, especially if there are many of you. With Doodle, it’s much simpler. By allowing each participant to enter their availability and view the corresponding options, Doodle helps you find a solution that is suitable for everyone.

15. Fuze

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Fuze helps improve the quality of communication within your company. Whether conference calls, media sharing or video presentations, Fuze allows users to easily connect to each other. The principle is that the distance should not impact your activity. Whether you work from home and collaborate with freelancers or deal with investors and clients abroad, Fuze brings you closer to making your projects a reality.

16. HootSuite

Do you feel overwhelmed by social networks? Do you confuse your tweets and your stories? HootSuite is an effective tool for managing all platforms. It will help you promote your business on multiple channels. Use the HootSuite app to create and schedule social content, track followers and measure the performance of your social marketing.


Most small smart business owners can not afford to hire a personal assistant. But thanks to the app, you do not need it! manages your to-do list, reminding you of what needs to be done. It has an intelligent notification system based on planning and geolocation. The easy-to-use interface helps you categorize missions and prioritize their execution. You can also add and edit them using a written or voice command. She will remember all of this for you.

18. Google Calendar

Many calendar apps are available for mobile devices. But Google Calendar is by far the best – and it’s free. While computer enthusiasts manage their Google Calendar via their Gmail account, mobile users now have a stand-alone app and it’s more convenient. You can sync it to different accounts (native Google or not) and use it even if you do not manage your business through Google services.

19. Smart Recorder

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This audio recording app is very useful for those who travel often. It allows you to archive your memos and ideas and leaves your hands free for other tasks. And you can use Smart Recorder to record meetings and share the file with other participants and collaborators. If you like to think aloud, the transcription of your thoughts and discussions ensures that no spark of genius will be lost.

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