B2C content marketing

The best of B2C content marketing

If you have heard of B2C content marketing, do not run to the Frikipedia because it is not a robot of the new Star Wars release, it is just an acronym of so many that swells the thick glossary of content marketers. It is used to refer to the Business to Consumer concept, that is, marketing focused on the company/client relationship and is normally used in the face of Business to Business (B2B).

Both marketing perspectives set well-differentiated goals, something that directly affects the general strategies. While B2B companies often go crazy looking for leads and generating leads. B2C marketers are fully dedicated to increasing web traffic through the creation of quality content, polishing them as if they were real gems.

What is sought with marketing Business to Consumer

For B2C companies, the brand is the most important, even more than the hunt and capture of customers that characterizes B2B companies. This dichotomy is very reminiscent of the bitter confrontation that for centuries has been lived among the supporters of innate and environmentalism. In the end, the scientists have had to agree that the human being is born, but it is also done.

B2C content marketing

With content marketing, the same thing happens. A B2B marketer will pit you against a B2C that spends too much time optimizing the web or creating content and does not pay attention to the audience. The typical B2C response is that it is useless to attract customers if the quality of the content does not reach a minimum. It is already time to apply the doctrine of mediocrity.

Although, while there is no consensus, it is not wrong to sin in B2C format either. More than anything because this vision of online marketing has a very, very strong point: the love for quality content. It is perhaps the best of B2C content marketing, and even B2B marketers could take advantage of it.

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Quality content is always beneficial

The fundamental question to solve the mismatch between both methodologies is whether you can generate leads or grow a company without putting the quality of the content ahead. Possibly, the answer is not for a novice company, since it is very difficult to get ahead abusing advertising. On the contrary, for a large company, the B2B philosophy may work perfectly.

A powerful brand can dispense with content quality and get fed up with mailing. Whatever it does will keep a stable flow of customers. But to grow you have to offer quality content yes or yes (and that applies even to supermarkets). And that’s where the B2C marketer comes in with his mantra “the quality content is the philosopher’s stone”.

The benefits of B2C content marketing

Since B2C companies give priority to quality content, positioning, and social networks. The advantage of this marketing vision comes from these three areas of activity. But perhaps the really good thing, the best thing about B2C content marketing is that it is based on direct communication with the client, appealing to their emotional intelligence.

B2C content marketing

The B2C marketer is like a Jesus Bridge of the Net, believes in feelings as a sales engine. And prefers to exploit the emotional aspect of life. That’s why B2C content made with extreme creativity and a bit of empathy work so well on social networks. They simply impact the user’s amygdala body and this cannot avoid falling into the network.

The counterpart is that you run the risk of forgetting the rational aspect and end up obsessed with traffic. And content creation without taking into account that generating leads is also important. In addition, given the emotional nature of this type of market methodology. The impulsivity of clients can drive anyone who tries to analyze the results to design long-term plans crazy.

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