What is an affiliate marketing business and how does it works?

What is an affiliate marketing business and how does it works?

Website owners are creating assessable content and providing various benefits to their visitors and, therefore, wanted to be rewarded for their hard work. The present forms of online advertising increased dramatically and there was the birth of the famous marketing of affiliation.

We will focus on one of the most common performance techniques: Affiliate Marketing Business. What are we talking about? To avoid creating further confusion we will respond with a practical example.

Imagine you want to advertise a new place; you may decide to promote it by entrusting you to the best flyers in the area, agreeing a commission based on the number of customers who will be able to bring you.

How does it work and make money?

Affiliation is a promotional performance channel consisting of a partnership between three subjects …

  • The merchant (or advertiser), who promotes the program by recruiting publishers or affiliates for the purpose of generating an online profit;
  • The publisher (or affiliate), i.e. the person who manages the promotion;
  • The affiliation platform is the support (website, portal, forum, aggregator) on which the whole process is based;

The promotion of a brand through affiliate marketing generally takes place according to two methods of collaboration:  direct affiliation and affiliation network.

What is a direct affiliate program?

It consists of a collaboration agreement between a brand and the company in possession of the affiliation platform administered according to a specific program.

How does it work?

Suppose you have a successful blog that specializes in reviewing accessories for hiking enthusiasts. You could subscribe to the Amazon.com or eBay.com affiliate program and insert links, within each review, that redirect your users to buy the same kind of products you are talking about. If your readers complete the purchase within a certain timeframe, Amazon will recognize a commission.

In addition, few online companies offer different affiliation program. For example, you are a registered player of gambling sites such as Casino.com, and if you referred to your friend for registration, you will win exciting prizes or money that you can use to play or even withdrawal.

What are affiliate networks?

The affiliate networks are companies that act as aggregators, in practice, act as mediators between companies and affiliates. For example, an affiliate network could agree, with an ecommerce site like Shopify.com, a commission for each sale that it manages to generate.

At this point, the affiliate network takes care to find affiliates interested in promoting the e-shop in question, guaranteeing, in turn, a commission.

In conclusion, there are many possibilities for online promotion of a brand. The greatest difficulty lies in knowing, in depth, the tools that the Internet makes available. There is no pre-packaged recipe to take off your business because each sector is positioned differently, but there are many studies and preliminary analysis in order to identify and exploit the most important channels for your company.

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