A Dog is For Life, Houser can be a home But What about Your SEO Provider?

A Dog is For Life, Houser can be a home But What about Your SEO Provider?

You’ve probably heard the saying “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”. A home is where you make it, so why not have a Park Homes Gloucester location as your forever home.  There are several locations to choose from and if you didn’t know Park Home Life provided Park Homes Gloucester   There’s a lot to be said for loyalty, but sometimes it can be misplaced. Would you stick with your SEO service provider forever, even if they weren’t giving you good results?

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A lot of people sign up with one provider, and let them do their thing, trusting that it’s the best that can be done. If they get good results, they assume that will always be the case. If they get bad results, they blame it on the quirks of Google.

Do You Know What’s Going on in the Background?

Rather than blindly trusting that your SEO provider is doing the best that it can do, it pays to run a proper SEO report every now and then. Keyword research, competitor analysis and general website audits will give you an idea of how good a job your SEO Provider is doing for you.

Knowing When to Move

It makes sense to work with a locally-based company as they can provide you with direct contact and a region-specific service.
SEO is an ongoing thing, and sometimes a shake-up makes sense. Working with a new provider could bring a lot of benefits – new media contacts, new guest blogging arrangements and a fresh take on content creation too. It’s always good to have someone who knows your brand well, but sometimes having a new team take on an old challenge will increase your reach.

It’s perfectly normal to ask accountants and auditors to re-tender every now and then, so why not do the same for your SEO provider? If you’re happy with the current provision, and you’re getting a great price, then yes, stay loyal. However, if you don’t think that your marketing team is providing the results that they could be, don’t be shy about looking for a new team.

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