A campervanning beginner’s guide

A campervanning beginner’s guide

If your last experience of camping was in a leaky tent or a poorly insulated caravan, then you may be surprised by just how comfortable and convenient a modern campervan is. With no tent to put up and no caravan to manoeuvre into place, you simply get in and drive, heading for the open road, wherever it may take you.

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Do a trial run

For complete camping beginners, it’s best to hire a campervan first, to accustom yourself to the size and layout. Campervans vary widely in size, from small 2-person vans through to giant American motorhomes, so you need to be confident about driving a larger vehicle than normal.

There are plenty of campervan-friendly sites across the length and breadth of the UK, so spend a long weekend, or a week, trying out an easy route through the New Forest, Welsh hills, or the Lake District, for example, where you can easily find a variety of sites offering the type of facilities that you prefer. You’ll find everything from small basic pitches in a field, through to larger sites with on-site facilities, electric hook ups, and even on-site entertainment.

Choose your ideal campervan

Once you’ve decided that campervanning is for you – and you will – you need to choose your campervan. Choose the most expensive model that you can realistically afford, if possible, as creature comforts come in handy when the weather is less than clement. Companies such as – offer a wide range of campervans in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so spend time assessing all the various models before you make your purchase.  These are normally made to last from manufacturers that care about the customer.  They will normally use the most high tech equipment possible with Rubber Injection Moulding tools sourced from sites such as www.meadex.co.uk/

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Where do you want to go?

You can travel just about anywhere in the UK in your campervan, staying at campsites along the way, or perhaps you fancy the idea of wild camping? According to Motor Home Fun, there are plenty of places where you can park up for the night legally, but you do need to make sure that your campervan is well stocked with fresh water, and you’ll need a generator or electric back up if you want to make full use of your van’s facilities.

You can travel further afield too, but check before you travel that your van is legal on foreign roads. You may need winter tyres or specific permits for larger vehicles.

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