7 most valued professional skills in companies

7 most valued professional skills in companies

Academic education is the starting point and base of your professional career, but to move and grow in the labor market you also have to acquire and develop a series of professional skills that will improve your employability.

Accessing a job or prospering within a company requires constant improvement of your skills and abilities. The business environment is changing and competitive. Therefore, you will have to try to stand out from the rest of the employees and candidates by demonstrating that you have the characteristics you are looking for.

Knowing what professional skills are currently valued most companies will serve to plan an improvement strategy.

Here we detail some professional skills of the most important

Adaptation capacity

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The world of work is dynamic, changes are happening constantly. And it is essential to know how to take them on and face them. Companies need employees who know how to work in this environment where unforeseen events arise and where they have to adapt quickly to move forward. The ability to know how to adapt to new situations is also to know how to assume other roles and perform functions that maybe are not ours but that, at a given moment, we have to perform. The ability to adapt means being versatile, recycling formatively. And having the capacity to learn constantly. We always recommend to learn to prepare yourself any successful job interview.

Creativity and innovation

One of the professional skills most valued by managers and colleagues is knowing how to create or devise new ways of doing work. This means being a professional open to the environment, receptive to everything that is around us. And knowing how to use it to create and innovate in our performance and achievement of objectives.


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 It is the ability to express our opinion, our ideas and transmit information, but it is also related to our ability to listen. Communication is a professional skill that allows you to speak in public and move without difficulty in different environments. This would also include the ability to communicate in other languages. Especially in English.


 The willingness to collaborate with other colleagues, departments and even companies are essential. Companies need employees with the ability to work as a team, to share, participate, collaborate and help. Skills are all essential for the pursuit of improvement and achieve the goals set.

Emotional intelligence

 They are a set of skills that allow you to express and understand emotions. They allow us to feel empathy with the people we have around us, to listen to them and to know how to relate to different groups and contexts.

Decision making

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 No matter what position an employee plays, there is always a time when decisions must be made and being decisive is fundamental. Improving the employability of a professional has a lot to do with his ability to make a decision.

When you decide something, you can see your analytical skills. How you searched and evaluated the alternatives and what led you to choose a certain option.

Management of social networks

This is one of the professional skills that shows the quality of how you move in social and professional media. Reflect your skills to use and take advantage of all the technological means we have at our disposal while demonstrating what you are capable of doing with them.

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