7 steps to grow your online business with Pinterest

The tools you can not give up to offer your t-shirts online are the images. A picture is worth a thousand words: it can show your product, tell its story, engage potential consumers and bring them to become passionate about your brand.

Pinterest, along with Instagram, is the most used platform for sharing images. It is also the second social media that creates more traffic on the web (it also exceeds Twitter). Users spend a lot of time surfing on Pinterest (an average of 14.2 minutes at each access) and it turns out that 95% of them buy a product after seeing it on the social network and clicking on the e-commerce link. Many brands use it to promote their t-shirts.

But how do you do it exactly?

Here are some tips for growing  your business through Pinterest:

1)Publish quality photos

2) Add information and details in the description of your Pin

3) Find out what your target is like

4) Manage the pins in the right way

5) Use the boards to attract users

6) Keyword: interaction

7) Fundamental: make your site, blog or e-commerce also navigable from mobile

1) Publish quality photos

Images and videos are the means by which you communicate: they must capture users’ attention and convince them to visit your profile (and then your website). So they must be captivating, creative and with extremely accurate graphics. Low-quality photos are not clicked. Here are some tips to follow:


  • Publish images with good lighting: get 20% more “repin” (shares) than dark ones.
  • Use colors well: “Pin” (photos and videos) with more than one dominant color are shared 3.25 times more than those with only one color.
  • Images must be simple and clean.
  • Photos in which there are no faces receive 23% more repin.
  • Images composed of multiple photos and vertically developed are shared 67% of times more than horizontal ones.
  • To create interesting graphics, you can help with several tools (free), like,, andcom.

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2) Add information and details in the description of your Pin

Explain to users clearly why they should be interested in your product.

  • Be creative, evoke the elements that characterize your brand image.
  • Make a description of up to 200-300 characters: these are the texts with the highest repin percentage (57% more than longer or shorter captions).
  • Add the price of the product: you will have 36% more chance of getting a “like”.
  • Conclude the description by inviting people to take action (repinned, visit your site …): there is an 80% more chance that users will actively interact with you.

3) Find out what your target is like

Users’ profiles on Pinterest say what their passions and interests are. Make an analysis using the internal search engine and keywords already entered in the social network: you will get valuable information that will help you build your marketing strategy and understand who your potential customers are.

4) Manage the pins in the right way


  • A mistake that many make is to publish only photos of their products. In these cases, users perceive a single message: “I’m trying to sell you my t-shirts: buy them!”. It’s the fastest way to get them to escape. People want to get involved, have fun, do not look at advertising. How to satisfy them? By publishing Pin related to their interests: travel, fashion, cooking, sport, free time … and that are linked to your brand image. This will attract users and allow you to show off your T-shirts without going through yet another, insistent seller.
  • You do not need hundreds of pins in your t-shirts: some well-chosen ones are enough to encourage potential customers to visit your e-commerce site to find out what else you offer.
  • Show your t-shirts in real contexts, on occasions where you could wear them. In this way, users will identify themselves with the situations you describe. Even better: invite them to photograph themselves with your shirts and post the results. You will thus have authentic and real photos of your products. There is no better testimonial than a happy and satisfied customer.

5) Use the boards to attract users

Pinterest allows you to organize the contents of bulletin boards (“board”) that, together, tell the profile of your brand. Each must have a specific theme, which evokes atmospheres and sensations related to your product and that invites users to explore it. It’s up to you to decide how to organize images and videos according to your needs and your imagination. But always make sure to choose a cover image and a catchy name that will immediately clarify the content of the board.

6) Keyword: interaction

Since Pinterest is a social network, interacting is one of the most useful tools you have available. Here are some ways to relate to potential customers and companies:


  • Share photos posted by other Pinner (users or companies that have a business compatible with yours), comment and start a dialogue. Companies will appreciate the promotion you are making to their brand and will easily repay the favor. Users will begin to know you and consider you a competent person with a lot of passion for what they do.
  • Establish a dialogue with users who have a lot of influence on Pinterest (and who have contacts between the people corresponding to your target): you will gain credibility, followers, and And maybe you can start a productive collaboration to increase traffic even more on Pinterest (and on your e-commerce).
  • Create contests: propose to the users a challenge that entertains them and that offers something tangible and desirable (a limited edition t-shirt, a special discount …). In return, you will gain visibility and traffic on your site.

7) Fundamental: make your site, blog or e-commerce also navigable from mobile!

75% of users access Pinterest on their mobile device and you do not want to miss out on so many chances to show off your t-shirts, right?

Now it’s up to you: do you have any other idea to grow your business with Pinterest? Did these tips help you? Say yours in the comments.

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