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5 big lies about mortgage credit

Are you about to acquire a mortgage loan? Here 5 myths of this credit

Like any entity that has a certain amount of time to work and a certain degree of risk, the person who tells you that the mortgage loan is a bad investment will not be absent. Taking into account the information at your fingertips is vital to make a decision, but if you are in the process of obtaining a credit you may have heard at least one of the following:

  1. The Financial savings is only nourished by what you contribute

False, there are three people who contribute to that savings you have: the employer, the government and you through your contributions to the IMSS.

  1. If you wait, they will give you a better credit

That could only be true if you are 18 years old, as the credit reaches its peak close to 35 years old and there it begins to decrease, because the working years that you have are less.

  1. If I reach retirement age, my credit will be voided and my home will be paid automatically

No. The credit only comes to an end when you have paid it in full. If you retire and continue with an outstanding balance, the payment should leave your pension or other income. Take it into account if you considered that you could retire without paying a part.

  1. With what you pay the installments of the house is enough

No. Especially at the time of acquiring your credit you must take into account expenses such as the deed, the opening of the loan and in some properties you have to contemplate some finishes.

  1. The Financial credit is good for all people

This institution was designed, above all, for people with limited resources (with an income of less than 10 thousand pesos), for some people with slightly larger resources it is possible that they will be much more profitable or one entirely with a bank.

Take into account your monthly budget, maybe you are paying for a car or a trip or support your family financially. Remember that this investment is great and, many times, having a “Home Sweet Home” depends on the skill with which you manage your finances.

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