4 more ways to create a profitable menu

4 more ways to create a profitable menu

Making sure your restaurant stays profitable is a never-ending task. Following on from our previous article, we’ve got four more ways you can craft a working menu.

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1. Create a signature dish

Creating a signature dish no other restaurant in the area does, or does well, can really draw a crowd. Depending on your restaurant’s identity or the skill of your top chef, the signature dish should signify everything great about your establishment. The two should go together hand in hand. But leaning on the side of profitability, this dish should also be the product of the ingredients you can always source for a fair price. Don’t make it a loss leader against wine sales.

2. Pay attention to your menu prices

Some restaurants stick rigorously to their markup but fail to realise the customer has the last say. An item is only worth what a guest is willing to pay. But it must cover equipment such as walk in cold rooms, bills, rent, staff salaries, and produce. This is where paying attention to portion sizes and the ingredients come into play. Any expensive ingredients not mentioned in the first three ingredient descriptions should be scrapped.

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3. The attractive and engaging menu

Studies show us where a guest’s eyes travel over a menu and where to place the dishes you really want to move. But to make a guest excited about the menu – and therefore willing to spend more – you need to make it attractive. The A4 books are great, but don’t forget to insert the loose specials menu. Guests like the feeling of ordering something that might not be available tomorrow. Blackboards also add to the feeling of more choice while not overwhelming the guest.

4. Careful ingredient management

Waste is a big profit killer and making sure everything you buy is used is a bottom-up system. If you have good cold storage such as a cold room from a supplier such as www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms/integrated-cold-rooms, you’ll be able to find, access and stock control much easier.

These days, with guests eating less red meat, restaurants need to be much more efficient with their meat purchases. And meat waste can really put a dent in your profits. Having the right storage can help fight this lost and make a restaurant profitable.


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