3 Quick ideas to promote your local business

3 Quick ideas to promote your local business

Do you have a local business? Even these 3 ideas inspire you and motivate you to put your batteries when it comes to promoting your establishment.

Since we have turned part of the office into an exhibition hall of our collecting project, we have from time to time people who pass by here. Since there were more and more, we put the batteries to “legalize” the situation with a physical store license. We could say that without realizing it, I opened a local business.

With the passage of time you realize curious things:

  • People who are practically neighbors find out about your existence years after installing us.
  • Other stores have asked us to resell our products. We sell part of our offer with little margin but what matters is to generate volume and business.
  • The combination of Wallapop plus the physical store is quite powerful. We even sell products that we do not have. Of this already I will speak to you in another moment.

The conclusion that I draw is this. If you do not do anything as a local business it takes years to make yourself known. And more, if your location as it is our case is not the most central. To get to your audience before, you need to do local marketing. Here are 3 quick ideas.


1 Visit of a school

2 Offer commission to hairdressers

3 Paste posters in places of interest

Here we write details to promote your local business with 3 quick ideas

Visit of a school

local businessYesterday the big one (she just turned 7 and I can hardly call her a little girl) told us about a visit from a dentist. I teach them the typical. How to brush your teeth well, things that carry a lot of sugar, etc. In addition, each student took a small gift with the clinic’s advertising. This small visit of 1 hour can generate at least one recurring client that throughout the year generates a benefit that exceeds the cost of travel to the dentist. It is clear, you have to move but it is a simple way to get known in schools.

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Offer commission to hairdressers

local businessThe hairdresser of a town is probably the best-informed person in the entire population. You can have a good overview of the needs of each one and who can even cover it. “Well look, Maria is looking for a new rental apartment because she just got pregnant.” Contacting hairdressers to offer them a commission every time they bring you a client can be a good way to promote your local business.

Paste posters in places of interest

local businessSometimes simple things work very well. Pasting posters can be one of those things. A poster can cost you 5 Dollars or less per unit as long as you buy in large units. Located in places of interest where your target audience frequently passes can be a well-reversed advertisement. I know that I usually talk more about topics online but I am realizing that many offline actions can be powerful.

You know. If you have a local business, it is not a matter of waiting for customers to arrive. You have to put the batteries. Now you have 3 ideas that you did not have before. No more excuses …

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