11 Profitable small business ideas to earn extra money at Christmas

11 Profitable small business ideas to earn extra money at Christmas

Looking for extra income? Choose one of these 11 profitable small business ideas for Christmas and generate the initial capital that great project you want to undertake. Merry Christmas in advance.

The most popular season is approaching and although some may avoid winter, we all want to be part of the Christmas festivities. Gifts, dinners, visiting the family; In short, the holiday season is the time of the year with the greatest commercial activity and also, an increasingly larger offer and for each type of profitable small business.

Here we present 11 profitable small business to earn extra money at Christmas

1. Services to companies and home

profitable small business ideas

It is necessary to put everything to point, and it is in these dates when many companies take the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning in their offices. Also when many families remember that they should have fixed the garden. Continue reading business ideas for teens.

2. Grouping of gifts

Very close to the personal shopper, one way to make money at Christmas is to group the gifts of many friends and family, and even other people. Make a list with all the gifts and order them through the internet.

Not everything we will find cheaper on the Internet, but in certain toys, buying directly from your online store, yes we could find them with great discounts, especially in those brands that work directly with houses like Toys’ rus.

On the other hand, in the Amazon Christmas Store, You can enter in the search engine the name of the toy or filter by brand and compare between the different vendors. In some cases, there is a big difference in the price.

Therefore, regroup all the gifts of friends and family and take charge of buying them through the different online channels, you can save the whole group and also make you earn money.

You also have the Amazon Outlet, where you can find some products with great discounts. In short, you can earn a lot of money by taking care of other people’s gifts. We also give you some extra ideas how to earn money on weekends.

3. Preparation of original Christmas baskets

profitable small business ideas

You can prepare an original sample Christmas basket and sell them on request. If you are creative and offer something distinctive of what exists, it goes without saying that Christmas baskets are a profitable Christmas business.

4. Talk to wine producers on the land and sell it

At least in my land, at this time, the wine from the land is demanded, and the local producers want to sell it as soon as possible, so buying wholesale and selling the wine to friends and acquaintances, can also generate a considerable extra income. Keep reading profitable small farm ideas.

5. Organization of parties and events

It is clear that on these dates you can prove your worth as a manager and organizer of parties and events. There are many temporary entrepreneurs who want to earn money on the nights of December 24 and 31. They are going to make an investment, so they want to make sure they are going to do a “full to the top”. Help them

6. UBER driver

profitable small business

The biggest activity of the company UBER focuses on Christmas. On days like Noche-Buena and Noche-Vieja, thousands or millions of short trips occur, and taxis are usually saturated, or simply do not provide service.

Therefore, UBER drivers earn a lot of money on these dates. It’s a night when people love to drink and get drunk, so having alternatives, they will avoid driving in this state.

7. Sell Christmas lottery

There are still many people who buy tenths of the Christmas lottery from one province and sell it in another, charging 2 or 3 euros more for the tenth. Although today the Christmas lottery is already more computerized so you can request the number you want in an administration, there are still sellers with those commercial skills.

8. Christmas trees

profitable small business

Although today there are already Christmas trees of all prices, if someone wants something more specific and you can offer it, go ahead.

9. Home delivery service (Christmas menus)

At this time, some families decide that they do not want to cook, but they do not want to go out to dinner, so if you earn a reputation in the preparation of Christmas menus, you can do a profitable small business at these parties.

10. Santa Claus or Santa Claus

profitable small business ideas

The oldest Christmas business is that of Santa Claus, wherein a good location you can earn money by making life happy for the little ones or by selling the snapshots with the little ones.

11. Repair and repair of clothes

Probably the dates in which we are going to fix ourselves, and therefore the services of arrangements of dresses and suits shoot up (to put the basses to the trousers, to narrow the gums, to shorten sleeves of the suit, etc …).

It is clear that there are many ways to do profitable small business and earn money at Christmas. At this time the money is moving from one place to another, and it is a matter of hunting a part of the cake. We can do it in a simple way or looking for more elaborate forms. In any case, creativity will help you.

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Happy Christmas day!!

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