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10 Part-time jobs to earn money on weekends

Are you looking for new sources of income? Do you want to start saving money and with your current salary is not enough? Maybe it’s time to look for part-time jobs that allow you to earn money during weekends.

These tasks are exclusively for two days a week since you are sure you are studying from Monday to Friday. Believe it or not, there are many job opportunities, or part-time jobs to earn money on weekends.

They can even be from your own home and do not require a high academic level. In addition, they can generate good income to pay for important expenses and they are very interesting.

Part-time jobs to earn money:

part-time jobs

Many people who work from Monday to Friday, and also meet a schedule on weekends, usually look for someone to do small jobs.

This would be your chance to have a job for the weekends. Everything depends on your ability to develop them and what they offer.

Within the part-time jobs to do only weekends you can find from pruning a lawn, caring for children, washing cars or painting houses. There is also another way to earn money on weekends and they are freelance tasks.

This is what is current, work from home and generate good money. But usually, these activities demand more than two days because it is considered a stable job. Some of these are the development of web pages, text editors, web editors, Community Manager, among others.

If you want to know what offers are currently part-time jobs for weekends, we invite you to know the following list. Read carefully each of these options and evaluate if you are good or not for them. Continue reading easiest part time jobs.

1. Customer service or Call center operators:

part-time jobs

It is a place where they must meet the requirements and requests of users who call. In this activity, you train enough to deal with different customers and the answers you should give.

It is not a difficult job, and because it is a shift that regular workers do not want to take, they look for young people who only do it twice a week. All companies that offer a service to the public have these offices, look for sure there is an opportunity for you.

2. Virtual Assistant:

The modality of a virtual assistant is to organize the life of a busy person or work remotely for a business. You may never have contact with this face to face, but you will have to have it organized all day.

This function is very interesting for those who want to learn about how people manage their time, at the same time as they face the challenges of a job.

It is a work option for the weekends where you can learn a lot, you just need an internet connection and earn money. We suggest to take preparation before any jobs interview.

3. Seller:

part-time jobs

Selling is a difficult task, but with practice, everything is achieved. In this job offer, you can develop your best skills as a mediator between the person and the store. Offering a product and its benefits and achieve a successful sale.

Many stores look for vendors on weekends, since that is when there is more mobility of people. Selling is something we do every day. From our image to our hiring, and if it leaves us a monetary reward, everything will be better.

We have created a guide where we explain how to sell a product with no sales experience, which can help you complement your training.

4. Cashier of stores:

The stores require a young and lively staff that carries the enormous responsibility of maintaining a cash register. It is a very delicate activity since you would be controlling an income of money in the store.

For this, you must be very agile and be attentive 100%. Try to be aware of the transactions you make and not charge more or less for the products.

One point in your favor, if you decide to work as a seller, is that you receive discounts for working in the store. If you are young, look for a store that goes with your style and which you know very well about their products.

5. Conduct surveys on weekends:

part-time jobs

Many advertising and marketing companies search daily for information that allows them to create advertisements and advertising campaigns. All from the opinion of the users who interview.

That’s where a work that you can develop during the weekends, which consists of filling out paid surveys, and thanks to the rise of the Internet, you can do from the comfort of your home.

This is a type of work that requires time to generate income since the amount received for each survey is low. However, if you are dedicated you can generate interesting income with a relatively easy task.

6. Professor at home:

If you master a particular subject and want to share your knowledge, what better way to do it than teaching at home. You can do, depending on what you know, young students of different ages.

This is one of those part-time jobs that are very popular and lucrative since you can charge it by the hour. Find who needs to improve their skills in math, chemistry, statistics or any other chair and help.

In the same way, you can offer your class services through Skype or Hangouts, with which you can expand the circle of students that advise.

7. Creative web editor:

part-time jobs

If you are a lover of writing, analysis, and interpretation, or have a creative mind and want to express it, this work is for you. With this work, you can earn good money writing for websites.

There is also an option as a web editor, but you must have a broader knowledge of the subject.

It is a very interesting activity that brings out the writing skills that you have, and a job for the weekends that can generate very interesting income if you know the key aspects of the business.

8. Dispatcher driver:

In this opportunity, you will be able to deliver orders, packages, and company products for your clients. The weekends are when there is more activity, so these companies look for employees only for these two days.

Most likely, they will demand a vehicle and the documentation in order. The rest is to explain the working modality and the implications it has. Finally, start ordering orders.

You can search your neighborhood if there are restaurants or businesses interested in your services. Aspects such as your attitude, service and first impression, are key to these jobs for the weekends.

9. Sell items through social networks:

part-time jobs

The power that social networks have is enormous and selling through these platforms is the safest thing. You just have to create a good content in your profile, in your proposals and help with the hashtags.

Even, you could go further and create an online store and sell your products in the digital world. The work for the weekends would be to create the site, optimize the images, create the description of the products, define the payment gateways and shipping methods, among other key aspects of the online stores.

The fastest, most practical and easiest way to start selling online is to create your site on platforms like Shopify.

10. Playground operator:

The playgrounds open on weekends and during holiday periods. Or at least, they are the moments with more visitors.

That’s why it would be one of the ideal part-time jobs for the weekends, to start you must attend training and courses by the parks to operate the different mechanical attractions.

It’s a very fun job that you can try to do. Ask at amusement parks near your location and offer yourself as the next operator of amusement park machines.

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