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10 Mental tricks to become a financial expert

If you want to become a financial expert and know how money works, you should work on the thoughts that you have in your mind.

Many people argue that the reason why they do not learn how to be millionaires or achieve their financial goals is that the market conditions are difficult, or is due to their boss, who does not want to give them the increase they deserve …

Reality? To be a financial expert you must first understand that it is not particular circumstances that define your life, but the way you assume them and the decisions and actions you take from them.

The mental tricks to be a financial expert

This implies that you work on your mind, that you know how to interpret your reality and master your reactions. In other words, apply certain mental tricks that make you a financial expert and know how money works.

1) Focus on the why not why not

financial expert

Nobody gets to the top of the mountain without first falling on the road.

The trick is to understand why you want to get to the top at first, instead of concentrating on all the reasons why you fell, how difficult it is to get up or why it is better, or safer, to stay in your comfort zone.

We live in a fearful society that has perfected the art of doubt. We have become accustomed to complaining and seeing everything that is, or it may be wrong.

So train your brain to focus on what is “impossible”, since this requires a lot of effort.

Specify why you want money, so that when the road becomes difficult, you have the energy to pass over the setbacks that arise and thus become a financial expert.

2) Look at your fears as your friends, not enemies

To change your financial reality you will have to launch yourself into the unknown again and again.

This is because the place where you are today is a product of the decisions you have been making, so if you want to make a change, you will have to change your decisions and actions.

Throwing yourself into the unknown is part of your personal growth and you should see your fears as your best guide. If you want to be rich, let your fears lead your way. If you are scared it is clear that you are going the right way.

3) Thank your debts and everything else

Gratitude is one of the strongest and most transformative values ​​in human beings. Concentrate on the good in your life and attract benefits to your reality.

For example, instead of desperate for your debts ad opta a positive attitude, this way you can open up to new opportunities that you did not see before is thinking about what you do not have.

Once you change your mentality in front of the problems, as in this case the debts, you will start looking for different solutions, for example, you would consider these plans that teach you how to get out of your debts.

4) Do not ask so much “what would happen if” …

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Commonly when we enter a state of despair for not having enough money, or for spending more than the account, we concentrate on feeling bad, learning how to make a personal budget and thinking that we will stop spending.

When you become a financial expert you understand that your relationship with money does not always evade fun, as this becomes something you fear more than something you can celebrate and enjoy.

5) Decide to be rich instead of simply wanting it

If you want to be rich, the most important thing to make it a reality is to make the decision. Once you focus, the excuses, fears, and distractions disappear.

Like everything in life, those things that you focus on are what you attract. And a financial expert in making the decision to be rich will be attracting money to your life.

6) Play to win instead of playing to avoid losing

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You, like most human beings, want to thrive, not just survive, so design your life as if everything were possible.

Seeks to earn an amount of money that allows you to live the life you love, to complete all the things and experiences that make you get out of your bed and feel proud.

Be clear with what you want and how much it costs to put your plan to work, you do not have to know the details of how you will achieve it, but you do have to be flexible.

Look for answers, take risks, be diligent with what you think and say, put yourself in the ring so that you take small steps towards your dreams.

7) You are in a relationship with money

We use money every day of our lives, but it is rare to see that we recognize it, appreciate it or simply pay attention to it or notice its influence on our daily lives. Something that a financial expert would do.

As mentioned in our Ebook Rich Mind, take a moment to get excited and be grateful for the money you receive, be aware that you deserve it, that you are capable of doing it and that it is there for you.

Be grateful and excited to give it to someone else, regardless of whether you are buying a coffee or paying bills. Note how money changes your life in exchange for energy and appreciation.

8) Create your reality, do not be a victim of it

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You have the power to create your reality, whatever the environment or the circumstance in which you find yourself, that is not your reality, but a temporary situation.

Your reality is whatever you decide it is, you can choose between concentrating on what you hate about your situation and feeling trapped by it, or, on the contrary, concentrating on the good and using that energy to transform it.

Have the mental power to specifically visualize a reality that excites you. Train your thoughts, words, and beliefs in the fact that this new reality is available to you and take radical actions so that it can manifest.

Excuses are simple challenges to which you have given your power.

9) Change the “I already know” to “I’m excited to know more”

As human beings, we tend to impress ourselves with how much we can get to know. Strangely, one of the most profound ways to transform your life is by acting as if you knew very little.

The phrase “I know” can be extremely limiting, because basically, it closes the doors to achieve a deeper knowledge, to be more intelligent and take action in different situations.

By keeping yourself open to new experiences instead of believing yourself a know-it-all you allow yourself to go from thinking something and understanding it to really living it.

We constantly need to hear things several times before we understand them, and when we understand them we get more and more involved in them.

10. Cheer up, the money should be fun, not boring

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Most likely, you spend a large part of your life working to earn money, which means that if you have a good attitude in relation to work and money you will have a life that you can enjoy.

If, on the other hand, you have a bad attitude, you will spend much of your life embittered. A financial expert enjoys the process of building your wealth.

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