10 ideas for doing business ‘friendly’

  1. Design and installation of green walls

The green walls offer visual, aesthetic and health benefits: they reduce auditory pollution, regulate temperature, provide added value and favor the ecosystem. It helps create an ecological awareness through the installation of green walls and green roofs. If you have knowledge of urbanism or architecture, design green spaces for commercial buildings, government, offices and squares, among others. Establishes alliances with sales and distribution offices of foliage and natural or synthetic grass.

  1. Vegan food workshops

Being vegan is a lifestyle. This public rejects the cruelty against animals, so it does not consume meat or derivatives, and its diet is based on foods of the vegetable kingdom. In addition, leather clothing, shoes or accessories, as well as products tested on animals are out of your options. It is estimated that in Mexico three out of 10 vegetarians are classified in this category. Conquer them with workshops of this type of cuisine, which you can organize in your home or offer all the experience at home. Go further and create your own recipe book.

  1. Sale of cardboard toys

Children represent almost 30% of the population in Mexico; in six of every 10 homes, there is a child. It offers these families toys that contribute to the motor and creative development of children through the distribution of pieces made with recycled cardboard, which also do not harm the environment. Win clients visiting pre-school and basic education schools. It also contemplates the creation of a portal for online sales and presence in social networks.

  1. Ecological beds for pets

Pets are increasingly important for Mexican families; however, they also generate an impact on the environment. The market for products and services for this new niche is growing at an average annual rate of 10% since 2008, according to the Euro monitor firm. Start a design business for ecological beds for dogs and cats. As part of your inputs includes, for example, textiles made from recycled or natural material such as wool, which repels dirt, mites and odors. Search allies to market your products.

  1. Reiki therapies

Reiki is a word of Japanese origin that refers to universal energy and the force from which life springs. It is a process in which universal energy meets the physical energy of each individual and begins a process of attunement, which leads to healing through a trained teacher. Offers Reiki therapies at home. Certify yourself in centers such as the Holistic Latin American Center. An advantage is that you do not require special equipment, because everything is done by placing your hands on the receiver’s body.

  1. Vintage store

In an environment where more and more people aim towards responsible consumption, care for the environment and recycling, opening a vintage store is one of the natural paths for entrepreneurs who have a social conscience and want to venture into a turn with a demand growing. You can market all kinds of products, from clothes and shoes, to toys and furniture. The important thing is that they are articles that refer to past styles and designs of good quality. Start with a clothing ecommerce and watch your catalog grow as demand increases. Take advantage of social networks like Instagram or Pinterest to communicate your offer.

  1. Sale of organic food pantries

Businesses related to the organic world market meats, poultry, fish, eggs, honey, vegetables, fruits, jams, cereals and personal care items. The projected growth in these products in the country is 20 to 25% per year. Start with an ecommerce where you offer orders of 5 and 10 kg of seasonal organic vegetables or fruits, poultry, meats and cheeses. To do this, you must create alliances with local producers and set specific points for the delivery of the merchandise. You should also invest in buying a couple of utility vehicles.

  1. Gluten-free food ecommerce

The consultancy Markets and Markets foresees that the market for gluten-free products will register worldwide sales of US $ 6,200 million in 2018. The most successful lines will be bakery, baking mixes and pasta made from corn, sorghum and quinoa. Join this upward trend with an online store of gluten-free products. Consider a special section on your website where you include quick and fun recipes from your offer.

  1. Marketing of solar cookers

15.6% of Mexican households use firewood as fuel to meet their energy needs, says Inegi. The use of this fuel causes respiratory diseases, eye diseases, deforestation and the emission of greenhouse gases. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that more than four million people die prematurely in the world due to diseases attributable to household air pollution. It helps to reverse this situation with the commercialization of solar cookers, a clean technology. Your main task will be to evangelize about its benefits through a network of expert advisers. They may have to visit rural communities, especially in the south of the country.

  1. Non-polluting messaging

The Institute for Transportation and Policy Development and the University of California point out that the use of bicycles as a means of transportation could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 11% in the next 35 years. It meets the shipping needs of small businesses and avoids generating more pollution with a bicycle logistics business. Make use of the collaborative economy and technology to avoid investing in vehicles and delivery drivers.

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