10 business ideas for coaches

We give you some models with which you can undertake with your experience and knowledge.

1. Business coaching

The micro, small and medium enterprises are eager for consulting in marketing, sales, personnel selection, customer service and business development. Form a team of coaches that provide personalized and comprehensive advice, assessing the conditions of the companies to diagnose what are their main problems. Apply action plans for a period of 12 months or more. You can also develop video tutorials and interactive materials to make them available to your customers through a Web page, and for which you can charge a monthly fee.

2. Image consulting

The International Association of Image Consultants (AICI) has 1,300 members worldwide. As an image consultant you can give workshops on body language, image change, and color analysis, executive protocols and techniques for public speaking. Courses should be more practical than theoretical because of your clients – entrepreneurs and executives – need to notice changes in the short term. Offers quotes and personalized attention supported by an online platform and social networks.

3. Physiotherapist at home

Sport improves the quality of life of people; however, a bad routine can cause an injury. Hence, those who are dedicated to the area of sports health can offer physical rehabilitation consultations for athletes, as well as postsurgical treatments and neurological disorders. Take care that your team has a sports doctor, a personal trainer, a nutritionist and a life coach. Your added value will be providing home care and providing preventive check-ups.

4. Assisted therapies with horse

Scientific research has proven the benefits of using animals such as horses, dogs, dolphins and sea lions in therapies to overcome fears and develop confidence in people. If your area of knowledge is human resources or psychology, you can partner with experts in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) or certify yourself in models such as EAGALA, which are training to support the practice of Assisted Psychotherapy with Equines. Prepares work plans for Life Coaching and Business or Executive Coaching, applying a methodology for 6 and 10 sessions with much defined objectives, such as forming high-performance teams or developing leaders.

5. Real estate advisors

If your strength is sales, the real estate market offers an option to become a certified advisor. One of the advantages of this business model is that your income will be based on your results, which is an excellent motivator. You can join a consolidated brand that will provide you with a real estate plan and a catalog of properties. This market generates 20% of the national GDP and has a growth forecast of 17% for 2017, according to the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals.

6. Environmental Consultant

The multiple environmental legislations at federal and local level in Mexico have opened a market for experts in this field. You can offer your services both in the public and private sphere, making environmental impact assessments, audits and procedures. Create a website to offer online courses, discussion forums and direct talks with Skype advisors. Mexico has an Environmental Impact Academy (AMIA) to which you can register to be part of the directory of consultants or companies.

7. Media Training

It is about offering training in public speaking techniques and media management to businessmen, experts in political issues and people who want to polish their public speaking skills. Design a curriculum that includes how to put together a speech, the use of non-verbal language, voice and modulation, acting on stage, how to tell a good story and overcome fear. Lean on videos to provide extra material or distance training as an online service for subscribers. Over time you can open a talent bank of speakers that offer motivational lectures.

8. Legal and fiscal advisor

Provides support to companies regarding tax obligations and the best use of tax regulations. Your market is located in both the public and private sectors; in the latter enter the startups, which have broad needs for the constant change in national and foreign tax laws. Design comprehensive plans that include tax advice, planning, and implementation. As an added value you can give a free diagnosis.

9. IT Consultant

If your area of expertise is in Information Technology (IT), become a provider of business intelligence services for SMEs in various areas such as construction companies, marketers or sports clubs. Start by providing an analysis of the business architecture that allows you to know the business processes of your clients and their technological infrastructure. Design solutions that reduce your costs, improve productivity and the quality of your products. The strategy to attract customers is to create a network of partners with other consultants.

10. Wedding Planner

Weddings are memorable events that can become a headache if you do not have an advisor who is responsible for the design and concept. If you have logistics planning and knowledge skills, offer services to organize events, including guest confirmation and catering, music, furniture and florist ideas. Your income can come from a marketplace of specialized providers in this type of event. Design a website for each wedding, which serves for guests to consult details such as the gift table, congratulate the celebrants or upload photographs.

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